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John Jamieson is the owner of Perpetual Wealth Systems and Wealth Without Stocks, which is a national wealth strategy company working with people and businesses on a better business model for automatically and systematically creating wealth. He is an ... more


The Hidden Riches Inside Your Cash Flow
Most people dump all their money in their primary checking account up front and then give the money to everyone but themselves first.
Can You Really Afford Your Car Lease?
A lease is an agreement you enter into to rent your car for a predetermined length of time (usually 24 to 36 months) for a predetermined monthly payment, and for a set number of miles.
How To Win The Financial Battle Vs. Your Automobile
A new automobile is one of the biggest wealth drains for you and your family.
How To Protect Your Recent Stock Market Profits
You can reallocate some of your stocks and mutual funds into programs that protect your newfound gains while allowing you to participate in future gains should they continue.This can be done with the use of a solid fixed indexed annuity.
What Is A Restricted Property Trust?
How successful business owners are putting more money away for retirement than they ever could with a traditional retirement account.
Understanding Annuities – A Simple Explanation
A brief description of the 3 basic types of annuities and how they work.


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Perpetual Wealth Systems
2010 - Present (8 years 4 months)

We are a wealth strategy company showing people how to plug up 4 massive wealth drains and fill up their 5 baskets of wealth. If you are wanting to have the chance to retire early and wealthy reach out to us and view our online trainings. We show you alternatives to your 401k and IRA. We can also show you that if you have those accounts you need to grow and protect them and your mutual funds are almost always a lousy bet to grow money.

Doctors Build Wealth
2011 - 2013 (2 years 3 months)

We work with medical professionals showing them how to create millions of more dollars for their families. We prove to them that the business model they are using is broke and how to fix it in their favor. Some of our clients save 50 to 60% off of their bottom line taxes by changing their business structure. This is not known by 99.5% of CPA's or Tax Attorneys but it is tried and true and we show doctors and other successful business owners how to make it a reality.


Northwood University
1987 / 1989


The Perpetual Wealth System
John Jamieson
Morgan James Publishing

Are You Sick and Tired of Losing Money Every Time the Stock Market Drops?
The personal finance model we all have been taught of putting money into 401k plans and borrowing from banks is officially broke. Today 95 percent of Americans die without any real wealth because along the way banks, Wall Street, Uncle Sam, and asset depreciation take almost all of our money. The Perpetual Wealth System will show you how to reverse all of those and create guaranteed, systematic, tax-free, and generational wealth