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Principal at Pacific Management Consulting Group, Restaurant Analyst and Management Consultant

John A. Gordon is Principal and Founder of Pacific Management Consulting Group, an independent restaurant analyst providing research and niche earnings analysis, management consulting and advisory expertise to those who need to know ... more


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E What Will Happen In Restaurants In 2017?
What happened in the restaurant space in 2016 and what does it mean for 2017?
Restaurants And Activists
Wall Street activists are often attracted to restaurants.
Restaurant Recession? Just The Facts
The restaurant industry remains investable and vibrant, there are strong building new concepts and highly differentatiated concepts that will provide a pathway for the future.
Restaurants: Recognizable Realities In 2015
The restaurant space slogged it out in 2014. Finally, with meaningful wisps of economic recovery seen in Q4 and more disposable income running in the system, hope of discretionary spending is seen.
1 to 4 of 4 Posts