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Cash Is Flooding Into Cybersecurity
AMD and ARM are under fire after researchers identified a pair of security flaws in the companies’ processors. Those incidents guarantee that even more money will flow into the cybersecurity sector in the years to come.
3 Threats To Amazon You Must Own Today
In a wide swath of industries — not just aerospace, but pharmaceuticals, chip manufacturing, packaging, chemicals, consumer goods, media, telecommunications and more — the game of M&A “musical chairs” is already underway.
Here’s Where To Look For 2018 Profits
Companies say their cash reserves increased. The main intended use of that cash? Mergers and acquisitions. We’ve already seen a step-up in M&A's as the year draws to a close. Here's the best way to make big gains in 2018 on this trend.
Amazon + Whole Foods? It’s Not Working
The first cracks in the supposed synergies of these two very different companies, Amazon and Whole Foods, are already starting to show. Here’s what Amazon should have done.
Making Money When The Party Ends
It’s all starting to feel like very familiar territory now…
The Newest Fans Of Cybersecurity Investing
Big money — may pour into the cybersecurity investing arena as fund managers look around for stocks that aren’t already at peak prices and could still grow profits at a faster clip than the overall market.





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Cybersecurity Investing: The “Let ‘Em In” Strategy
With most of the major hack attacks, the damage isn’t so much the intrusion — it’s the fact that hackers are able to roam about the data networks of companies undetected for long periods of time.
Buy This Navy SEAL-Approved Investment
At only $10 million a plane for the basic version, the A-29 Super Tucano has already proven popular with other militaries that need a plane that can drop sophisticated weaponry — without paying a sophisticated price tag for the delivery vehicle.
Stopping The Cybersecurity ‘Spiral Of Death’
The Pentagon — worried about leaks of military and intelligence secrets — purchased a revolutionary cybersecurity technology dubbed “Mayhem." What’s so revolutionary about it? The Mayhem software constantly roams about the system on its own to identify — and fix — those weak points first.
The Dangers Of Investing In Value Traps
When it comes to investing, there are two kinds of stocks: those with value, and those that are “value traps.” Here's how to know the difference so you don't get trapped.
The New Way To Stop Hackers — And Make Profits
If you want to speculate in bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin — you name it — go right ahead. But the bigger profits will be in the underlying technology that makes cryptocurrencies possible. It’s called a blockchain.
The Next Cyber Victim Is…
Hack attacks are like recessions — they’re not real until one happens to you.
Fearless Main Street Investors Are About To Be Stunned
Last week’s University of Michigan consumer sentiment survey had an interesting statistic. A whopping 65% of everyone who took part in the survey said they believed stock prices will go up in the next year. And overall consumer sentiment continues to be perched at 10-year highs.

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