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Metals And Miners Continue To Whipsaw In Either Direction
A breakdown in gold would summon a retest of support around $1,200. I have a symmetrical basing objective supporting $1,180.
Metals And Miners Are Rallying Instead Of Breaking Down
Metals and Miners could set rebound highs this week. There is substantial resistance in gold between $1,292 and $1,300. I’ll watch the trend and update as needed.
Gold Cycle: Failed To Regain The $1,300 Level
Gold failed to regain the $1,300 level successfully. Consequently, the odds favor an extended decline into the October 6th – 10th timeframe.
Metal Sector Fake-Out
It’s been one fake-out after another in the precious metal sector. Investors have been awaiting a major breakout in gold once prices climbed above $1,300. Friday’s rally reached $1,306.90 and promptly reversed, potentially creating a bull trap.
Metals And Miners Show Signs Of Topping
Metals and Miners showed signs of topping after Friday’s employment report. Weekly dollar prices spiked down to the 200-week MA and reversed. If the dollar finally bottomed, we should see a 4-8 week recovery.
E Precious Metals And Miners: Further Decline
Precious metals and miners are expected to decline for several more weeks before reaching the 6-Month low.
E Miners Formed Bullish Engulfing Candles
Miners formed bullish engulfing candles yesterday, and they could be attempting to bounce. Closing above yesterday’s highs will confirm that a short-term rebound has begun.
Metals And Miners Are Bouncing
Metals and Miners are bouncing as the dollar finishes what appears to be a small inverse head and shoulder bottoming pattern. If our analysis is correct, the rebound in precious metals should end next week.
E The Dollar Is Struggling To Break Free
Metals and Miners showed subtle signs of bouncing. Gold and Silver still need to secure closes above their 10-day EMA’s to confirm a bounce.
E Metals And Miners Are Trading Higher
Miners formed swing lows, but gold and silver haven’t. Gold needs a daily close above $1,250 and silver above $16.50 to set swing lows.
E Dollar Finally Closed Above The Short-Term Trendline
After a 4-week bottoming process the dollar finally closed above the short-term trendline. Metals and Miners should be closing in on daily cycle lows.
Is A Gold Bull Market On The Cards?
The multi-year correction is similar to the 1986 and 2002 breakouts. It has been 301-weeks since the $1923.70 8-Year cycle high. We could see this 6-Month cycle retrace between 50% and 62% before bottoming.
E Trading Is Usually Tricky At The End Of A 6-Month Cycle.
The last three weeks were challenging as the intermediate gold cycle expanded into a double top. Metals and Miners should work their way lower over the coming weeks.
E Breakdown Confirmed
Yesterday’s key reversal and today’s follow through strengthen our primary outlook. Metals and Miners should work their way down into the much anticipated and 6-Month cycle low.
E The HUI-GOLD Ratio Is Coming To A Head
A break from the pattern will determine which gold cycle to follow. We should see a decisive break soon.
E Market Volatility Uptick
Stocks swung wildly on Friday. Prices fell to and held the 242 level. A rally to 246+ is still expected. However, a daily close below 241 would challenge that outlook.
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