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I have published on two other prominent financial websites, (as Gary A) and at I muckrake the banking system and found premeditated causes for the housing bubble and subsequent meltdown. I am married with 4 grown children.

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E Fed And Trump Fail The Eurodollar Market
The Eurodollar market is all about US dollars. It is being starved of liquidity, which will hurt US trade. It could cause the dollar to rise as dollar shortages become the norm worldwide.
E Unstable Repos And The London Connection
Repo fails are a sign of financialism gone bad. London is the seat of this financialization, which generates wild profits while the real economies of the western world continue to languish. Jeffrey P. Snider's look into repo fails is quite revealing.
E It's A Good Thing That Trump Is Asking About Strong Or Weak Dollar
An easy money housing bubble surely would result in a crash, a strong dollar, and a certain decline in exports unless the Fed turns over a new leaf.
E Fed Must Stay Independent By Bailing Out The People
There are many frustrated people in the USA. Many point to the Fed as being a cold hearted organization which shows no compassion towards the common man. That reaction is the real face of populism. As a result sound economics is not always preserved.
E Scarcity And The Hoarding Of Bonds As Gold In Repo
The pressing question regarding the repo markets centers on collateral demand and scarcity. How much real and potential demand is there for sovereign bonds, used as collateral for all sorts of financial markets?
E A Great Depression Lesson For Our Time
The lesson of the Great Depression is that monetary policy can wreak havoc with the real economy. Popping bubbles, while contributing to the economic well being of the nation, must be monitored carefully to protect capital formation.


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Bond Yields Are Crashing
3 hours ago

Tantrums come and go. Hopefully pension funds and insurance companies picked up some slightly higher yields from this one.

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Fed Up: Culture Shock
9 days ago

I think the Fed was actually too weak, too passive. I think the Fed allowed the whole economy to die because 4 states had massive housing bubbles. In the UK, the BOE did no such thing. It didn't let the economy crumble because of bad loans in real estate that froze securitization. I think depressions are bad, really bad. They are unnecessary. Sure, you could also blame the world economy for not allowing wages to remain at a high level. But even with that, I bet Milton Friedman would never have thought the Fed was out of ammunition. The BOE understood Friedman and helped small and medium business in the UK. But the Fed didn't do that here. The Fed treats Americans very harshly, and did so both in the Great Recession and Great Depression. I think it answers to big finance in the UK and in the US and could care less about the real economy. JMO.

Who Is Going To Buy Treasuries Now?
11 days ago

Nicely written, Norman. I have to believe banks worldwide own way more UST's than FRED says.

Is This The Best Way To Profit From The Electric Car Boom? (SPONSORED POST)
11 days ago

That could well be true, Joe. I am seeing a backlash against electric cars, though. People just don't like them.

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Will Japan's Declaration Of Bitcoin As Legal Tender Accelerate Cryptocurrency Mainstream Adoption?
11 days ago

I read quite a few articles by Mr Middleton. Look forward to more!

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Three Things Are About To Derail Trump's Fiscal Plan, Goldman Warns
11 days ago

If you consider Goldman Sachs as likely being one of the main representatives of the Square Mile, London, you can come to the possible conclusion that high finance in the City of London does not want to risk much on America, its citizens or its infrastructure. The paralysis that existed under Obama has been extended to Trump. He will simply not be allowed to double cross the new normal, created by high finance. He probably still doesn't even know this. JMO.

Back To The Past: Steen Jakobsen Asks Did Trump Change Anything?
13 days ago

Also driverless trucks will not be able to drive in the,city or through mountains or stop a runaway truck or handle holiday traffic

Back To The Past: Steen Jakobsen Asks Did Trump Change Anything?
13 days ago

Great article but I am not riding in a driverless taxi. And if big trucks go without drivers we will have lost our minds.

Here Come The Robots – And They Are Going To Take Almost All Of Our Jobs
17 days ago

I use self check out lines but not with vegetables or if they are overloaded. I like a checker and use them often. Also, I shop at Albertsons often, and they eliminated self checkout because it took up too much retail space. I would never go to a coffee shop without a barista because I like to customize.

The Last 35-Year History Of Inflation-A Deeper Look
17 days ago

While the new normal/globalization hollowed out the heartland, the alternative to free trade could hollow out the tech regions. Trump has to decide if he wants a strong dollar, so tariffs won't hurt imports that much, while providing revenue to the government, or a weak dollar so exports will be desirable. He cannot have both although I am sure he wants both a strong and weak dollar. Enough to make an unstable POTUS go crazy.

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Gary Anderson Commented on Bond Yields Are Crashing:

Tantrums come and go. Hopefully pension funds and insurance companies picked up some slightly higher yields from this one.

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Tourism At Risk: Facebook Doesn't Kill People, People Do
I believe that Donald Trump wants to make America almost totally insulated from goods coming in, from people coming in, from a healthy interactive contact with the world, and rely on Americans to buy the products made here.
Geopolitical Risk Rises In The Americas: Mexico's Nuclear Capabilities
You must realize that Mexico decided to stop enrichment to nuclear quality after NAFTA. NAFTA was, politically, in the national interest of the United States. You are basically saying, Mexico, if you don't pay for the wall, pull out of NAFTA.
Trump's Embracing Unions Will Cause Economic And Oil Strife
If POTUS does not care about exporting, he would obviously want to get a lot more money into the hands of the US workforce fast. Unions would be a tool for making that happen. Unions that embrace oil pipelines will oppose native Americans.
The State Of The Bond Market As Trump Ascends To POTUS
As Donald Trump ascends to the presidency, will we face recession or worse yet, a Great Depression? We should not hope for the latter.
Anxiety Over Donald Trump Is Palpable In Main Stream Media
Anxiety over Donald Trump as president is palpable in the main stream media. I believe there are legitimate and illegitimate reasons for this anxiety.
Retail Tantrums Are A Clever Attack On Minimum Wage Growth
retail tantrums are a clever attack on minimum wage growth. They are driving us into feudalism says Nick Hanauer.
Libertarianism, The Good, Bad And Ugly
It is important to read Mises and of course, Rothbard, in the context of the complexities mentioned above, and not with a blind allegiance to the doctrine. Take the good ideas and leave the bad or the overly simplified and run from the ugly.
Donald Trump Cannot Make America Great Again But He Could Destroy It
And the big secret I share with you is that the US economy cannot be made great again (through robust growth seen in the last century) even if the status quo remains, even if the financial system stays intact.
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