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I have published on two other prominent financial websites, (as Gary A) and at I muckrake the banking system and found premeditated causes for the housing bubble and subsequent meltdown. I am married with 4 grown children.

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E Meng's Arrest Vs. The Rule Of Law
Trade wars, even without arresting a key player like Meng, can contribute to all three results of economic shocks.
E Trump Blinked, The Fed Blinked And The Powell Put
There is nothing that Donald Trump can really do about Asian economic supremacy short of war. The Trilateral nations complain about lack of worker opportunity, meanwhile everyone who wants to work apparently is working in the USA.
E Are Policy 'Refugees' Jumping The Trump Tariff Ship?
Japan's Abe and Israel's Netanyahu have signaled more cooperation with China as both realize that Asia is where it's at economically.
E Trump Versus Powell: Who Is Right About Immigration?
Immigration is deeply related to Free Trade in judging the openness of a society. On that subject, Powell is very right and Trump is very wrong. Wage growth is still sub par, and the economy is hardly booming in a classic sense.
E Posen And Cramer On Trade Wars And Cold Wars
We should be going from sanguine to alarmed. And we should be alarmed on multiple fronts. Posen warns that once Trump ramps up the tariff war, and he almost predicted it back in 2015, that economic dislocation will increase quickly.
E Charts And History Reveal Why The Fed Must Break Stuff
The business cycle, and the need to start over, is why the Fed breaks stuff. Companies refuse to invest, believing that the cycle is nearing an end. So the Fed breaks the cycle.
E Dangerous History Repeats
In history, there's always a battle of the isms.
E Asia Is Bonding, Opposite Of Trump's Hope
The unification of purpose of China, India and Russia, a rise of Asia as the world's largest trading block will be a negative result for the United States, the opposite of what POTUS wanted.
E Is The USA Too Weak To Let China Succeed?
New ideas are needed for a more complex and dangerous world, or we are headed for either economic or armed disaster, or both.
E Fed Abandons R-Star While Trump Caves In
While we know that Donald Trump is ... unusual, we did not know that the Fed was becoming strange. Now we learn that the Fed is almost abandoning an essential formula.
E Trump Revenge And The Prediction Of A Soft Landing
So, when the world laughed at Donald Trump at the United Nations, it set the world up for revenge. It made the world a more dangerous place. I do not know what form Trump's revenge will take. But caution is in order.
E Attacking The Everything Bubble Without Killing The Economy
Now the Fed is in the process of popping the bubbles all at once. Dire consequences for workers will follow. It could be deflationary in the way that Mish Shedlock rightly abhors. We are facing long term secular deflation, and new ideas are needed.
E Fed Governor Cements Looming Economic Destruction
Hawks have taken over the Fed and the doves exist just for show. Yes there are bubbles, but in assets, not in economic production. The Fed will most likely crush the second to slow the first, and hide behind the neutral rate to do so.
E Fed Signals Will Break The Economy. Wait Til Trump Finds Out
The Fed won't change, just like a leopard won't change its spots, and will likely establish the same policies that it has in the past to break the economy. China will court American business, maybe limit tit for tat, but Trump will not be happy.
E Scott Sumner Destroys Financial Times Fear Of China
The Financial Times has come out with an article fearful of China. Scott Sumner decimated it. For the FT, fear of losing a cultural war with China must be widely understood. But it isn't.
E Fed In A Box
Market monetarists like Scott Sumner and Kevin Erdmann say raising of rates instead of raising inflation will result in the dropping of the R* rate. The Fed does monetary stimulus by cutting rates below that equilibrium rate, not by raising rates.
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