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I have published on two other prominent financial websites, (as Gary A) and at I muckrake the banking system and found premeditated causes for the housing bubble and subsequent meltdown. I am married with 4 grown children.

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S&P Reveals $5.8 Trillion In "Hidden" Chinese Debt With "Titanic Credit Risks"
3 hours ago

Defaults for a nation that does not mark to market is no big deal. China does not sign Basel Accords.

Wading Through The Market During Earnings Season
13 hours ago

True, but it is becoming a national concern.

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Wading Through The Market During Earnings Season
14 hours ago

Pretty rosy scenario. Market up today, big. Trump really holds the key. He is fooling Wall Street by saying he might raise tariffs on China. Probably until after the election. He wants to raise tariffs on China, and currency wars will result. Earnings are great for these companies, meanwhile 20 percent vacancy in NYC stores. All the money goes to the mortgage and rent. If New Yorkers are struggling what about the rest of the USA? It is a mixed bag, and not as stable as it seems on the surface. New York faces a high rent blight:

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Weekly Commentary: Rude Awakening Coming
2 days ago

China can afford to lose more people in a nuclear war than the USA can. Just sayin'.

Will Canadian Boycott Start With Kentucky Whiskey?
3 days ago

Just FYI, the governor of Kentucky is still crowing about Canada's tariff on bourbon. Time for the Canadians to keep the pressure on a state that has two racist senators and that does not reflect the values of Canadians or most Americans.

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The Credit Cycle Is On The Turn
4 days ago

This has been the biggest tantrum yet. If it falls flat that means no one will ever believe the tantrum boys. The author may be right, but I will pretend I am from Missouri and demand that he "show me".

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Why The Stock Market Dropped: My Two Cents
4 days ago

Trump's trade war is dangerous. It is more about what America will miss out on than what it will lose or gain short term.

Asian Markets Crushed By Capitulation Carnage
6 days ago

Maybe China needs to get rid of all that hot money anyway. Then the Yuan can dive, which is the greatest fear of the Munchkin.

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The U.S. Treasury Sell-Off Needs To Be Confirmed By Inflationary Pressures
6 days ago

While the Fed may be jumping the gun, it is Trump's fault. Massive spending preceded by tax cuts and inflationary tariffs have boosted Powell's plans. But the argument could be made that the tax cuts will pass, having gone to the wrong people, the wealthy. The argument could be made that tariffs are ultimately recessionary, not inflationary. The argument could be made that regular people do not buy many houses anyway in the USA. That all seems deflationary to me.

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Whirlpool Corporation: Do You Have The Guts To Be Greedy While Others Are Fearful?
6 days ago

No argument as to Whirlpool's quality compared to imports. But can anything be spared from tariffs? Even non tariffs steel has gone up in price. Unless this inefficiency is corrected, margins could be massively squeezed.

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