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I have published on two other prominent financial websites, (as Gary A) and at I muckrake the banking system and found premeditated causes for the housing bubble and subsequent meltdown. I am married with 4 grown children.

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E The Lowdown Federal Reserve Bank
The Fed made the Great Recession far worse on purpose but says it was all about providing accommodation!.
E Suicide Watch: Farmers Are Hurting, Mr. Trump
Donald Trump is putting farmers on the front line with trade. There is a mental health danger discussed below as well as farmers being subject to demand shocks that come with trade uncertainty.
E Trump's Punishment Of China: The Start Of A Radical Rejection Of Foreign Capital?
Donald Trump originally said he wanted to default but it was changed to buy back at a discount. He has never refuted this position. How would his radical thinking impact the USA as a safe haven for world investments?
E The Achilles Heel Of Trump's Tariffs
American auto workers have nearly doubled since 2011 according to the Hill blog. President Trump is endangering what is already a growth industry for America.
E Yes There WAS A Housing Bubble
Scott Sumner is dead wrong. There was indeed a housing bubble in the last decade. It did not, by itself, cause the Great Recession, but its crash worked to tighten the money supply.
E Keynes And Trump Tariffs
Keynes spoke to the timing of tariffs. The timing of USA tariffs could actually slow the economy, as the price to produce goes up. There could be nothing or little to show for it in economic and employment growth.


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First QE Then QT Thereafter TE – The End
4 hours ago

Or perhaps fear drives people to bonds. It does not seem logical that all assets would be ruined at the same time.

In this article: GLD
Two Sides Of The Same Dollar
10 hours ago

At least the Chinese have tariff related reasons to crash the Yuan this time.

Decoupling Reborn
11 hours ago

A truly cynical analysis. But likely true. Decoupling never works out.

'It’s Got A Green Light To Weaken': Yuan Dive Continues As PBoC Looks On
19 hours ago

Trump fired the first shot. China has no choice if it wants to continue exporting.

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US Money Supply And Fed Credit – The Liquidity Drain Becomes Serious
19 hours ago

There also is danger in emerging markets with tightening.

Trade War With China Morphs Into Currency War: Biggest Loser Is The EU
20 hours ago

EU may have to forge an alliance with China and bypass the USA. Then they can win and we will lose bigtime.

TIC Confirms Pretty Much Everything
1 day ago

Money tightening. Small amounts but affecting the world.

Preventing Another ‘Armageddon’: Bernanke, Paulson, Geithner Warn On Deficits, Regulation Rollback, Populism
1 day ago

Those three helped create populism. I am surprised Geithner shows his face in public. If the economy crashes they will blame it on bad mortgages or too much debt, even though Japan has way more debt. They won't blame the Fed for failing to stimulate the economy, which, by the way, it failed to do under Bernanke himself!

Economic Collapse Will Be The Least Of The United States’ Problems
1 day ago

I sympathize with the author here. The world of finance is the world that is most corrupt, most self serving, with the Fed as it's ringleader. Yet, most Americans don't have either an aptitude or a desire to understand what the banking system is doing to us. No, there are no easy answers. Even if the Fed had made a half hearted attempt to reach out to mainstreet in the Great Recession, like the BOE did to the UK small businesses, our recession would have been tempered. But our Fed chose to sledgehammer the economy and then lied about it and is still lying about it:

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Gary Anderson Commented on First QE Then QT Thereafter TE – The End:

Or perhaps fear drives people to bonds. It does not seem logical that all assets would be ruined at the same time.

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Hitler Economics In The Age Of Trump
There is a case to be made for sovereignty and mutual respect of sovereign nations, but just not in the way that Trump has made it. There is a benign sovereignty and a belligerent and hostile sovereignty. Is POTUS very dangerous or Hitler-lite?
Peter G. Peterson Turned Entitlement Into A Bad Word
Peter G. Peterson was a philanthropist for the wealthy, a reverse Robin Hood
The Cult Of Tesla's Elon Musk
I focus here on Elon Musk, because he is likely the the most powerful cult leader in America, other than perhaps Donald Trump. Elon Musk seems to be able to make outrageous statements and still retain his followers.
Trump Administration's Strange Response To Ford Relocating To China
Trump Embraces Ford Focus production in China when it railed against them being produced in Mexico. Why is this?
It Is Getting Serious With POTUS: Deep State Versus Russia Connection
It appears that Steve Bannon is now courting favor of the White House. I wrote about how radical he is as he has espoused a libertarian economic agenda on steroids.
The Curse Of Trump Is In Cutting Back On The Poor
The United States is a prosperous nation. But attacking the poor is not the way to remain prosperous. It has been tried before with disastrous results.
Tourism And The Trump Letter To Renegotiate NAFTA
NAFTA renegotiations are unleashed. But Canada and Mexico are our greatest tourist partners.
The Coming Trump Coup Could Impact Stocks
The coming Trump Coup appears in the works. Will Donald Trump resist, forcing an existential battle with a long time ally?

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