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E Why Delaware Exists
In an age in which governments are strapped for revenue, know that corporations are withholding tax payments that could potentially streamline government services and improve your roads.
E Brexit: Impact On City Of London
A fifth of total banking activity in the entire world is booked in the UK. Derivatives and clearing houses and OTC trading is centered in London; how will Brexit affect the City of London?
E Henry Kissinger Schools Mercantilist Trump About Reserve Currency
Most of Trump's advisers are mercantilists. It will be necessary to watch the impact they have on Donald Trump's efforts to make "America great again" in the age of the American reserve currency.
E Does Donald Trump Want A Financial Depression?
The disturbing issue for me is that the Austrian Economists who are influencing the administration do not believe that a financial depression is that big of a deal. The concept of the strong dollar under Trump also has to be addressed.
E Fed And Trump Fail The Eurodollar Market
The Eurodollar market is all about US dollars. It is being starved of liquidity, which will hurt US trade. It could cause the dollar to rise as dollar shortages become the norm worldwide.
E Unstable Repos And The London Connection
Repo fails are a sign of financialism gone bad. London is the seat of this financialization, which generates wild profits while the real economies of the western world continue to languish. Jeffrey P. Snider's look into repo fails is quite revealing.


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Death Valley Snowballs And Fiat Currencies
1 day ago

Excess reserves just sit there, collecting more and more interest, Gary. Lending is declining. Tax revenue is declining. Commodity prices are declining. Your case for gold in that environment is questionable. That isn't to say there can't be shocks. But most of the shocks I see are to gold, especially now that fiat currency is often backed by sovereign bonds as collateral gold.

Why Energy-Economy Models Produce Overly Optimistic Indications
1 day ago

Fascinating article to say the least. Interesting for me, the point about the impossibility of jubilee. Clearly though, a mechanism has to be established to give taxpayers a reasonable profit on the debt that is created by government. After all, that debt is used as gold by insurance companies, pensions, banks etc. But that debt being used as gold does require that the economy work. It does require that interest is paid. It does show us that debt as gold in usage as collateral should be paid for by those using it as collateral. Debt is so valuable as collateral that taxpayers should be compensated and they are not adequately compensated. I don't mean that interest rates should be higher, just that some value should be placed on bonds that reflects their value to Wall Street and to the financial system. That is not happening now.

Also, author's point about labor is important. Trump says he wants better paying jobs, but he is undermining labor in almost every decision he is making. He undermines their social security, medicare, health insurance, public schools. Labor is not treated with the respect it deserves. Capitalists need labor to buy their stuff. And pretty soon, if that demand goes away, if effective demand limit is reached per Edward Lambert, there won't be capital formation. Then the author of this article could be proven right. There was always the outlet of war, but now that road leads to mass nuclear destruction.

Wall Street needs to think more about this stuff. Hiding money is just one more tearing at the fabric of society. And certainly hiding money gets you elected president of the USA now. That is a sign of ultimate destruction of prosperity, not the enhancement of it.

You've Been Warned: The Money Supply Growth Rate Continues To Slide, Drops Below 6%
2 days ago

The Fed can be more like the BOE. There is fractional reserve banking in the UK as well. I wrote about the BOE here. The Fed does not treat our citizens with near as much respect:

They Call It “Monetary Policy”
2 days ago

Interesting article. Not sure how it went from bonds to #Trump, but certainly, Donald Trump had conversations with Russia and with key Russians banks. The author does not seriously contest that truth, does he? He may. Oh well.

As far as bonds are concerned, Wall Street will only lose to high interest rates if the bonds can't be sold. The author has not proven that the bonds in question are losing demand. The new normal sucks in many ways, but Trump is not the guy to make it go away unless maybe he blows up the world in wars. If that happens, Wall Street will profit another way, and maybe it will offset the loses on bond derivatives and maybe it won't.

That is just my two bits.

In this article: DJI
3 Trillion Dollars Now At Risk...And More
3 days ago

Interesting thought. I would say divided Republican leadership helps the poor and the elderly. It even helps all those who voted for Trump in opposition to their own self interest.

In this article: SPX, VIX
3 Trillion Dollars Now At Risk...And More
3 days ago

Yes, Author, it would seem that a divided Republican Party is divided government. Safer that way don't you think?

In this article: SPX, VIX
3 Trillion Dollars Now At Risk...And More
3 days ago

#Trump wants to tax dollar store customers to make the economy go. That is, on any level, simply ridiculous. The three trillion is pure speculation. People deserve to lose on that bet because there is simply no real guarantee that Trump's plan to bludgeon imports will work anyway.

In this article: SPX, VIX
BlackRock: 2 Mistaken Assumptions About What The Latest Interest Rate Increase Means
4 days ago

I would say that #Blackrock continues to sow very little conviction regarding their position. It is a hard thing to advise against the new normal continuing.

Yellen’s Not As Hawkish As We Thought, But It Doesn’t Matter For Your Bonds
5 days ago

So, the new normal could mean no real recovery. Labor share of #GDP shrinks, or grows slower than GDP. Loans and money supply seem to lag. #Bond hoarding (the new #gold) impacts bond demand. And I think the media may even get a little grease money from bond tantrum people. Now I can't prove that, but really do we have to? MSM heroes come on talking up yield, and somehow they are connected to people who seem to profit from a little bounce in yield. Again, this is just my opinion, but I don't think it is a one off strategy.

In this video: TNX, TYX
You've Been Warned: The Money Supply Growth Rate Continues To Slide, Drops Below 6%
6 days ago

This is something worth watching, whether you believe in Austrian economics or not. Some Austrians would say the coming possible depression is no big deal. But most schools of thought would say bank lending being at the center of any crash makes it a bigger deal than a crash based on changes like war to peace. Also, if the Fed was more countercyclical in downturns, it could avoid some financial pain. The BOE helps small and medium business in downturns and the Fed does not.

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Tourism At Risk: Facebook Doesn't Kill People, People Do
I believe that Donald Trump wants to make America almost totally insulated from goods coming in, from people coming in, from a healthy interactive contact with the world, and rely on Americans to buy the products made here.
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You must realize that Mexico decided to stop enrichment to nuclear quality after NAFTA. NAFTA was, politically, in the national interest of the United States. You are basically saying, Mexico, if you don't pay for the wall, pull out of NAFTA.
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retail tantrums are a clever attack on minimum wage growth. They are driving us into feudalism says Nick Hanauer.
Libertarianism, The Good, Bad And Ugly
It is important to read Mises and of course, Rothbard, in the context of the complexities mentioned above, and not with a blind allegiance to the doctrine. Take the good ideas and leave the bad or the overly simplified and run from the ugly.
Donald Trump Cannot Make America Great Again But He Could Destroy It
And the big secret I share with you is that the US economy cannot be made great again (through robust growth seen in the last century) even if the status quo remains, even if the financial system stays intact.
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