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E Fiat Money, Helicopter Drops, Zuckerberg And The Big Myth
How do we weigh the debate about money, whether it is fiat or something else? This question has been at the forefront of economic debate since President Richard M. Nixon took US currency off of the gold standard.
E Helicopter Money, Not Bond Destruction, Must Replace Debt Forgiveness
Bonds could not be retired until and unless a substitute could be found for them in the financial markets. That is just reality.
E Fed VP Williamson Destroys Inflation Hawks
Fed VP Stephen Williamson skewers the inflation hawks. He mentions holding bonds for reasons other than yield and provides us with still more insights about the workings of the economy, speaking to CPI and PEC measurements.
E Fed Choice: Destroy Stocks Or Destroy Housing
If we are to believe reports regarding stocks and the housing market, the Fed could be in a box. It could destroy stocks, or destroy the housing market depending on which way interest rates go.
E Where Does Japan's Economy Stand?
Is the Japanese economy sustainable? So far, monetary policy has proven successful, with help wanted signs out everywhere. What can monetary policy do to continue the boom?
E Should Cable TV Fear AT&T DirecTV Now?
AT&T is hot on the heels of cable TV. Do they have the right stuff to compete?


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Reserve Requirements As A Chinese Macro Policy Tool
14 hours ago

So, China refuses to destroy its subprime off balance sheet lending like we did in 2008. Our Fed did it. It was done on purpose. It was done to funnel billions to Wall Street while hurting the middle class. China does not sign Basel accords. Now you know why.

Will The Crazy Global Debt Bubble Ever End?
1 day ago

This could be wrong. If housing construction dries up, house prices go up. If credit access dries up, the existing bonds will be worth more, not less.

US To Sell Off Its Strategic Emergency Oil Reserves
1 day ago

We are not shifting to electric cars. Half of them were sold in California. It isn't that I don't like California, but California does not represent the nation in this case. Plus people are trading them in for gas powered cars.

Debts, Bastiat And Modern Economics
1 day ago

Interesting article. The price effect only neutralizes extra money if extra money is injected continually. I wrote about it here:

About velocity of money. You just proved that it helps clear up debt. And yet, you seem to be against increasing the velocity!

About devastation as an economic help, as Lindsey Buckingham has sung, crime is just good business. The Coalinga Earthquake, which I experienced, was just good business. Of course, the human suffering is not measured nor the increased debt that ensued.

RBC: "Something Is Wrong Here: Indicators Are Flashing An Imminent Yield Breakdown Warning"
1 day ago

You can't have enough bonds in this crazy, derivatives based, world. Happy Holiday!

Investigating Trends In Median Home Prices: When Did Price Acceleration Start?
2 days ago

LA has always been a magnet.Good weather, good jobs. And space issues. If you compare LA with other cities before going off the gold standard it was still high in many areas.

Tech Investing Now As Inescapable As Trump
3 days ago

That increase in earnings must be coming from offshore as GDP was bad.

Why Bad Economic Theories Remain Popular
4 days ago

My parents lived through the Great Depression. They believed Will Rogers was a great man, who had a very dim view of the Republicans and that FDR was a man who saved many on mainstreet from dire consequences. Any Austrian who thinks a credit crisis can be easily solved like the Depression of 1921 which was not a credit crisis, is drinking too much from the Mises trough.

Housing’s Weak Start For Q2 Is Probably Noise
4 days ago

Yeah, people go to work and immediately buy a house. Not! They have to be at their jobs a year, before the lending institution will count that job. I am always amazed when housing uses new employment as a leading indicator.

China’s Lehman Moment Is Coming
5 days ago

China does not sign Basel Accords, so the cooking can continue.

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Gary Anderson Commented on Reserve Requirements As A Chinese Macro Policy Tool:

So, China refuses to destroy its subprime off balance sheet lending like we did in 2008. Our Fed did it. It was done on purpose. It was done to funnel billions to Wall Street while hurting the middle clas...

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It Is Getting Serious With POTUS: Deep State Versus Russia Connection
It appears that Steve Bannon is now courting favor of the White House. I wrote about how radical he is as he has espoused a libertarian economic agenda on steroids.
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Geopolitical Risk Rises In The Americas: Mexico's Nuclear Capabilities
You must realize that Mexico decided to stop enrichment to nuclear quality after NAFTA. NAFTA was, politically, in the national interest of the United States. You are basically saying, Mexico, if you don't pay for the wall, pull out of NAFTA.
Trump's Embracing Unions Will Cause Economic And Oil Strife
If POTUS does not care about exporting, he would obviously want to get a lot more money into the hands of the US workforce fast. Unions would be a tool for making that happen. Unions that embrace oil pipelines will oppose native Americans.
The State Of The Bond Market As Trump Ascends To POTUS
As Donald Trump ascends to the presidency, will we face recession or worse yet, a Great Depression? We should not hope for the latter.
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