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Creating The Poverty Effect
Japan is a nation of savers, and the US is a nation of spenders. This is why Japan style economics will play out differently here in the United States.
The Gold Market: From The Physical And Electronic Perspectives
We discuss the gold market in this video, from the physical and electronic markets perspective, along with identifying the key market correlations going on right now in financial market asset classes.
Companies Are Hiring And The Fed Is Hiking Right Before The Recession
It is starting to look like employers have bought into the animal spirits and market psychology euphoria and are hiring at precisely the worst possible time as the hard data is signaling an upcoming downturn in the overall economy.
Central Banks Have Completely Destroyed Financial Markets
How Central Banks got their wish of total power dominance in modern finance, and how in the process they destroyed capitalism and financial markets?
No - The Oil Market Is Not Fixed!
We discuss the API Report, and what it means for the Oil Market on Wednesday. We blow through the previous Record High Oil Storage Levels Tomorrow!
You Bought A Lot Of Overpriced Stocks - Now What?
You can buy stocks at all-time highs, but then you are stuck with bad stocks at all-time highs in your portfolio. That usually ends well for investors.


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EIA Oil Report Analysis
In this video, we discuss the EIA Weekly Petroleum Report, along with fundamental, structural and technical aspects of the oil market and oil futures market.
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