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Over the course of his career, Dennis Miller has consulted with many Fortune 500 companies, training hundreds of executives to effectively communicate the value of their company's products to their customers. Among his many multinational clients are: GE, Mobil, Shell, Schlumberger, HP, IBM, ... more


It’s Time For A Global Perspective
The federal reserve is raising interest rates and unloading trillions in their US debt holdings. Countries that normally buy our bonds are slowing down their purchases or reducing their holdings.
Are Precious Metals About To Shine Again?
There’s been a tremendous amount of evidence presented over the years alleging that the gold and silver markets were being manipulated.
Are Your Fingernails Blue?
For almost a decade we’ve anticipated the Minsky Moment, yet somehow the Federal Reserve has managed to magically levitate the markets.
Annuities – Risk And Reward
Retirees could supplement their pensions or social security by investing a small portion in the market to offset inflation, and the major portion in safe bonds or FDIC insured certificates of deposit paying good interest rates.
Understanding Debt
Borrowing money to buy assets you feel will appreciate over time makes sense – if you understand the risk and know what you are doing.
Should You Pay Off The Mortgage?
Mortgage payments get easier with time. That is true unless you are getting close to retirement and realize you need to accelerate your retirement savings.


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Retirement Reboot
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Just a few years ago, investing for retirement wasn't all that difficult. You could buy some blue chip stocks or good mutual funds, a few Treasury bonds and CDs, hold them for years, and be confident that your money would be safe and continually grow. Those days are gone, and they're not likely to return any time soon. Today, the return on Treasury bonds doesn't even keep up with inflation. CDs are even worse. And the stock market volatility we face today requires deep research and constant vigilance to avoid losing your shirt.
Money Forever
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Having Money Forever means being able to afford the fun and exciting things you want to do without being concerned about outliving your money.