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Declan Fallon is a UI/UX Dashboard Designer for First Derivatives/Kx Systems.  Declan Fallon runs a market commentary blog at, and is a contributor to Talk Markets and Seeking Alpha. He previously ... more


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Dow Leads Indices But Recovery Rally Doesn't Reverse All Breakdowns
The Dow was the lead index on the day as it marked a new closing high and kept the rally on course to test its accelerated upper channel.
Nasdaq And Russell 2000 Looking At 50-Day MA Support
Tech and Small Caps are starting to slip from their summer advances.
Semiconductors Firm Up A Swing Low
There wasn't a whole lot to Friday's action but two indices which were struggling did benefit. The Semiconductor Index gained 1% as it bounced strongly off the bullish 'morning star'. The Russell 2000 had a more low key day with a modest gain.
Russell 2000 Continues To Struggle
Thursday offered a bright start for markets but the Russell 2000 struggled to enjoy the fruits and by market close things were looking a little more somber.
Markets Struggle To Rally; What Next?
It has been a tricky last few days. The bounce in the Russell 2000 off the 20-day MA and key support of 1,705 has struggled to follow through on what should have been a strong support test.
Semiconductor And Tech Indices Bounce Off Support
Bulls stuck around for another day as triangle support held in the Semiconductor Index along with the Nasdaq.
Decision Time For Nasdaq
The Nasdaq experienced its second day of losses to bring it back down to 2018 channel support. This looks to be a critical time for the index given the convergence with the 20-day MA.
Semiconductors At Resistance But Ready To Break
There wasn't a whole lot to work with Tuesday. The only index showing potential was the Semiconductor Index; it managed to clear congestion from the last four days as it tagged resistance.
Markets Rally In My Absence; Dow And S&P Opportunity
The Semiconductor Index is the one which may present a profit taking opportunity (or a potential shorting chance) as it approaches triangle resistance.
Indices Struggle To Recover Monday's Losses
While today ended as a day for bulls to take satisfaction, there is still plenty of work to do to get indices back to the multi-year highs which were challenged last week.
Semiconductors Index Breakout But Dow At Channel Resistance As Small Caps Breakdown
The Semiconductor Index edged above resistance but then lost ground suggesting it may still require a redrawing of resistance. However, in the near term, this looks like a genuine breakout and we should look for a move to triangle resistance.
S&P Firms Break Out As Tech Keeps The Pressure On
The biggest gain was in the Semiconductor Index.
Week Finishes In Tech And Large Caps Favor
Large Caps and Tech indices enjoyed a good week with breakouts holding by Friday's close. There was no real volume on the breakouts but new highs leave markets in a position to attract sideline money.
Tech Indices Ignore Semiconductor Weakness To Breakout
Tech Indices are not waiting on the Semiconductor Index aa both the Nasdaq and Nasdaq 100 closed at new all-time highs.
Markets Stumble As June Highs Challenged
It was by no means a disaster but there was an ominous feel to Wednesday's close.
Friday's Gains Deliver Breakout
The past couple of weeks have been a period of give-and-take but Friday broke the mold by marking a second day of gains for many of the indices. It took markets above resistance and into a position where they can mount a challenge of June highs.
1 to 16 of 806 Posts
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