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Declan Fallon is a UI/UX Dashboard Designer for First Derivatives/Kx Systems.  Declan Fallon runs a market commentary blog at, and is a contributor to Talk Markets and Seeking Alpha. He previously ... more


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S&P Firms Break Out As Tech Keeps The Pressure On
The biggest gain was in the Semiconductor Index.
Week Finishes In Tech And Large Caps Favor
Large Caps and Tech indices enjoyed a good week with breakouts holding by Friday's close. There was no real volume on the breakouts but new highs leave markets in a position to attract sideline money.
Tech Indices Ignore Semiconductor Weakness To Breakout
Tech Indices are not waiting on the Semiconductor Index aa both the Nasdaq and Nasdaq 100 closed at new all-time highs.
Markets Stumble As June Highs Challenged
It was by no means a disaster but there was an ominous feel to Wednesday's close.
Friday's Gains Deliver Breakout
The past couple of weeks have been a period of give-and-take but Friday broke the mold by marking a second day of gains for many of the indices. It took markets above resistance and into a position where they can mount a challenge of June highs.
Trading Ranges Dominant
Tuesday delivered another shift with sellers coming back. The net result was to leave trading ranges in key markets. Until there is a break we won't know where the next move will come but it will keep people out until there is a resolution.
Monday Was To Friday As Friday Was To Thursday
In yet another turnaround for markets, today started with a large gap down which had the makings of a sizable bearish sell-off - only for bulls to start buying from the open and to continue to do so throughout the day.
Supply Issues Emerge As Bounce Stalls
Friday's action didn't bring about the bounce I would have liked after Thursday's picture-perfect defenses of lead moving averages or support.
Markets Defend Moving Averages; Good Buying Opportunities
It was not a spectacular day but it was a reliable one for those watching support levels.
Further Selling Hits Markets
Yesterday's respite didn't lead to a bounce, instead, sellers took another swipe at the markets.
Large Caps Feel The Heat As Semiconductors Struggle
The Dow sell-off didn't stop at its 50-day MA and is now on course to test its 200-day MA. Technicals, aside from Stochastics, are bearish.
Small Caps Add To Gains - Wednesday, June 20
Good news for momentum traders as the Russell 2000 continued its good run. The Russell 200 will start to get hot when it gets into the 15% profit take zone at 1,732 - a zone last seen tested in December 2016.
Bulls Look To Make A Stand
It's looking a little early for some of the nascent pullbacks but buyers are stepping in here to support markets. Much of this looks to be driven by the secular bull market leader, Russell 2000.
Decision Time For Dow And Semiconductor Index
Bulls have done a good job of clawing back the losses generated by the individual days of selling which have peppered the market since April's lows.
Strong Finish To Week
Markets feeling the pressure of Thursday's selling recovered to maintain recent breakouts. Technicals are all bullish and the index remains well placed for further gains.
Nasdaq 100 Breakout With Dow Jones At Resistance
Since my last update markets continued to edge higher. As of Wednesday's close, the Nasdaq 100 was the latest index to break to new all-time highs.
1 to 16 of 795 Posts
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