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Investors Skeptical Of Stocks
Much of the sentiment data seems to indicate investors are a bit nervous about stock ownership.
Momentum Strategy Leading Again
It is back to the future for the market as momentum is once again a leading investment strategy just as it was in 2015.
Brick And Mortar Retail Is A Mess At The Moment
It seems anything associated with brick and mortar retailing is an investment that will do anything but go up. The brick and mortar retailers themselves are struggling to figure out how to compete in the internet age.
Indexing Investment Strategy Becoming Increasingly More Risky?
With indexing, and specifically the S&P 500 Index, its market cap approach to weighting its constituents, is pushing the strategy towards an ever more risky one in my mind. Often, what runs up up in price often times falls prey to mean reversion.
Higher Oil Prices Contend With Too Much Supply And Higher Energy Efficiency
A below trend pace of economic growth and efficiency improvements have served as a headwind to higher oil prices, especially in an environment were drilling activity is increasing.
Credit Card Firms' Earnings Reports A Sign Of Potential Weakness With The Consumer
Given the much weaker GDP report in the most recent quarter and the weakness beginning to show up in credit card portfolios, these are yellow flags that investors should monitor for signs of further economic weakness.
Investor Sentiment Turns More Bullish
Sentiment has improved with the AAII bullish sentiment reading reported at 38.05% today, a 12 percentage point increase.
Dogs Of The Dow Falling Further Behind
It is important for investors utilizing the strategy to be aware of the strategy's bets in terms of stock and sector exposure. Through Friday's close, the 2017 Dow Dogs return of 2% trails the return for both the Dow and the S&P 500.
Emerging Markets Poised To Outperform
In investing, there are no certainties; with global economies seeming to become more synchronized with respect to economic growth, emerging markets could have a performance advantage over developed markets over the course of the next several years.
Brick & Mortar Retail Struggles Attributable To Growth In E-Commerce
Today another retailer announced it will be closing up shop, Bebe Stores, Inc., making it the 15th retailer to go under this year. By the end of May BEBE plans to liquidate its approximately 180 stores.
Widespread Bearishness Indicating Market Nearing A Turning Point?
Most of the return generated by the equity market over the past two years has occurred since the election in November. Despite seemingly pervasive bearish sentiment, the S&P 500 Index is down only 3.0% from its high at the beginning of March.
Higher Oil Prices Face Strong Headwinds
Oil prices have a tendency to rise during the summer months as summer travel increases. Potentially working against a seasonal oil price boost is the direction of interest rates in the U.S.
Getting GDP Growth Above 3% Is Attainable
While campaigning Trump stated his policies would return the economic growth rate, GDP, to 3%. A number of economists, along with the Federal Reserve, indicate moving the growth rate of the economy to 3% will be a difficult task.
Market Advance May Have Stalled On Concerns Around Timing Of Tax Reform
For the first few trading days in March, the equity market seems to be consolidating the gains achieved in February. Sideways or small market pullbacks have been a common pattern for the market since the election.
Better Investing Members Net Sellers Of Apple
Periodically I provide a review of what individual members of Better Investing are purchasing. In August BI members reported their top purchase was Apple (AAPL). In regards to Apple, BI members are reporting they are net sellers of the stock now.
Time To Reduce Ones Equity Exposure?
The US stock market has been on a steady climb higher since the November election. From 11/8/16 to 3/1/17 the S&P 500 Index has moved higher by 11.96%. This double digit return has some investors asking if this is the time to reduce equity exposure.
1 to 16 of 163 Posts
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