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David Templeton, Portfolio Manager & Principal, is a senior strategist and advisor at HORAN Capital Advisors. David has extensive experience in portfolio construction, security selection,development of investment policies and portfolio allocation strategies for individual and institutional ... more

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Dollar Strength Leads To Large Cap Stock Outperformance
Recent US Dollar strengthening has some investment commentary now favoring small cap stocks over large caps. This is due to earnings headwinds that can negatively impact multinational companies converting foreign earnings back into the Dollar.
Investor Sentiment Continues To Be Less Bullish
This week's bullishness reading was reported at 28.4% and down from 36.9% in the prior week.
Heightened Volatility A Result Of The Change In The Earnings Growth Rate
Investors are experiencing a market exhibiting a higher level of volatility.
Consumer In Decent Shape, A Positive For Continued Economic Growth
In spite of the market's negative reaction to some of the recent earnings reports issued by credit card companies, one might think the individual consumer is in pretty bad shape.
Dividend And Stock Buyback Growth Potentially Accelerate In 2018
The dividend payout ratio based on as reported earnings is 47.6%. This remains down from the 60.7% payout ratio in the fourth quarter of 2015 which captured the negative impact of the energy weakness.
Sentiment Now Broadly Bearish
Bearish sentiment jumped 6.1 percentage points to 42.8% resulting in the bull/bear spread being reported at a negative 16.7 percentage points, the widest negative spread in more than a year.
US Dollar Influencing Oil Prices
The fact oil inventory spiked is partially attributable to technological advancement in drilling and specifically, increased supply from fracking activity.
Tariffs, Stocks And Recessions
The recent focus on implementation of tariffs on the U.S.'s largest trading country, China, have some concerned about escalation into an all out trade war and leading to a slowdown or recession. The stock market doesn't perform well in a recession
Not A Unique Equity Market: Higher Prices Ahead?
The S&P 500 Index certainly appears to have more room to the upside. In fact, the market maybe nearing a point of a sustained upside move.
A More Challenging But Normal Equity Market
The equity markets had begun to exhibit a higher level of volatility. This seems to occur more often than not around this time period each year.
Recent Equity Market Weakness A Symptom Of A More Normal Market
This past week was a difficult one for the market and by default, a difficult one for investors. Most of the weakness occurred on the last two days of the week, resulting in the week's return for the S&P 500 Index ending at a negative 5.98%.
Improved Earnings Growth Expectations Broadly Reduce PEG Ratios
Before passage of The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act in December, earnings growth for the S&P 500 was expected to be low double digits in calendar year 2018.
Near Record Small Business Optimism
Today the National Federation of Independent Business reported small businesses are showing unprecedented optimism.
Bond Yield To Stock Yield Spread Sufficiently Wide To Challenge Stock Returns
With rising bond yields, there becomes a point when the bond yield is sufficiently high relative to the yield on stocks that bonds can challenge stock returns.
Individual Investors Favoring Technology Stocks
With both the technology sector SPDR (XLK) and the Nasdaq Index both achieving record highs on Friday, one might believe the technology sector is getting overheated.
Sentiment And Economic Data Laying The Foundation For Higher Stock Prices
The stock market is not the economy, or vice versa, yet the non-farm payroll report this morning is another indication that companies are experiencing improved operating conditions.
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