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David Templeton, Portfolio Manager & Principal, is a senior strategist and advisor at HORAN Capital Advisors. David has extensive experience in portfolio construction, security selection,development of investment policies and portfolio allocation strategies for individual and institutional ... more

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Near Record Small Business Optimism
The consecutive strong month of reported sales gains after years of low or negative numbers. A net 35% of owners expect better business conditions, ticking up two points from June.
Is Korea Equity Market Weakness A Precursor To Weakness In U.S. Markets?
The KOSPI Index performance is a reflection of the health of the global economy and can serve as a leading indicator to U.S. equity market performance.
Another Highly Optimistic Business Owners' Survey
Small business owners are more optimistic than at any point in the 15-year history of the Index. The index level high of 118 surpasses the prior high of 114 reached in 2006.
Sentiment Measures Not At Extremes
Today's American Association of Individual Investors Sentiment Survey report shows bullish sentiment increased over seven percentage points to 36.36%.
A Strategy Based On Stock Buybacks Continues To Underperform
It seems one key focus of recent commentary has been the buyback activity by companies due to the cash flow benefit resulting from the tax cuts passed late last year.
François Trahan: Cycle Peak Leading To Change In Leadership
Co-Head of Portfolio Strategy at Cornerstone Macro, François Trahan, believes at this point in the cycle investors should focus their efforts on growth companies.
Is The Value Style Really In Favor Now?
The extent to which growth has dominated has certainly been a little surprising.
Small Caps Beginning To Exhibit Weakness
Small caps can be viewed as a 'risk on' asset class. For the month to date time period in July though, small cap stocks have begun to exhibit some relative weakness versus large cap stocks.
Hard To Find Much Bad News
Overall, much of the economic and company news seems highly positive.
Consumers Are Buying
On a year over year basis total retail sales increased 6.6% as of the end of June.
Sentiment Is Widely Positive
The AAII report shows bullish individual investor sentiment jumped 15.2 percentage points to 43.1% this week.
Looking Under The Headline NFIB Small Business Optimism Index Level
Evaluating this type of data is useful in that it can provide some lead time into a potential slowing of the economy; hence, a negative impact on the equity market.
The Economy Is More Than Just Jobs But...
The job market is tight and a few yellow flags seem to be waving. On the other hand, much of the other economic and business news is favorable.
Dogs Of The Dow Living Up To Their Name This Year
So far in 2018, the Dogs of the Dow investment strategy is a losing one relative to the return on both the Dow Jones Industrial Average and the S&P 500 Index.
Oil Supply Continues To Trend Lower
The past few weeks have confirmed strong declines in oil inventory levels. Last week's draw-down was 9.9 million barrels and the prior week saw a contraction of 5.9 million barrels.
EC If Earnings Matter, Equity Valuation Looks Attractive
One would expect the market to react favorably to current rate of earnings growth. What may be occurring though is a market that is adjusting to a more normal level of earnings increases.
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