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David Templeton, Portfolio Manager & Principal, is a senior strategist and advisor at HORAN Capital Advisors. David has extensive experience in portfolio construction, security selection,development of investment policies and portfolio allocation strategies for individual and institutional ... more

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Pullbacks, Fear And Opportunity
From early 2016 to early 2018 the S&P 500 Index moved higher with very little downside volatility.
Large Decline In Bullish Sentiment
Today's Sentiment Survey release by the American Association of Individual Investors reported a15.1 percentage point decline in bullish sentiment. Of course this report comes one day after the 800+ drop in the Dow Jones Industrial Average Index.
Equity Put/Call Ratio Approaching Overly Bearish Level
Not too long ago the concern around interest rates was the fact the yield curve was flattening and the Fed's rate hikes might end up inverting the interest rate curve by pushing short rates above long term rates.
Increasing Bullish Equity Sentiment And Declining Bond Prices
Although higher interest rates are upon us, stock prices can continue to move higher while inflation remains in check, all else being equal.
Small Caps And Cyclical Stock Sectors Underperforming
From an attribution perspective, small cap underperformance is tied to the strength in large-cap technology-related stocks as well as strength in cyclically sensitive stocks.
Strong Equity Inflows
Investment sentiment currently is neither overly bullish or overly bearish in spite of the positive U.S. equity returns so far in the third quarter.
Equity Market Performance Before And After The U.S. Midterm Election
With three days left before the ending of the third quarter, the S&P 500 Index is up 7.74% on a total return basis and the Dow Jones Industrial Average is up 9.77%.
Instilling Fear In Investors Via Charts
Famed investor Peter Lynch stated, "Far more money has been lost by investors in preparing for corrections, or anticipating corrections, than has been lost in the corrections themselves." Once again, pundits trying to sell fear.
Job Openings And Quits Rising At Faster Pace Than Job Hires
The JOLTs report continues to show the number of job openings exceeding the number of unemployed individuals. This unusual occurrence has been the case since March of this year.
New Record High For The NFIB Small Business Optimism Index
The National Federation of Independent Businesses (NFIB) reported that August's Small Business Optimism Index set a new record high at 108.8.
Watch For A Peak In Consumer Sentiment
The NAAIM Exposure Index reading of 98.3% is approaching overly bullish sentiment on the part of institutional active managers.
Respect The Predictive Power Of An Inverted Yield Curve
There are a few events in investing that have a high likelihood of being good predictors of the equity market's future direction, like, stock prices follow earnings, market breadth leads price, or an inverted yield curve leads economic weakness.
Yet To Break The Bull Market Record
As this current bull market ages, it has yet to break the longest bull on record that ran a total of 4,494 days.
Near Record Small Business Optimism
The consecutive strong month of reported sales gains after years of low or negative numbers. A net 35% of owners expect better business conditions, ticking up two points from June.
Is Korea Equity Market Weakness A Precursor To Weakness In U.S. Markets?
The KOSPI Index performance is a reflection of the health of the global economy and can serve as a leading indicator to U.S. equity market performance.
Another Highly Optimistic Business Owners' Survey
Small business owners are more optimistic than at any point in the 15-year history of the Index. The index level high of 118 surpasses the prior high of 114 reached in 2006.
1 to 16 of 297 Posts
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