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David Templeton, Portfolio Manager & Principal, is a senior strategist and advisor at HORAN Capital Advisors. David has extensive experience in portfolio construction, security selection,development of investment policies and portfolio allocation strategies for individual and institutional ... more

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Continuing To Favor U.S. Large Cap Stocks Over U.S. Small Cap Stocks
With the new tax reform, one market segment one might believe experiences an outsized benefit to earnings is U.S small cap stocks because smaller companies have less direct exposure to foreign revenue. But large caps may still be more attractive.
Small Businesses Remain Highly Optimistic
Tuesday's report by NFIB on small business optimism for the month of January places the reading in the top five highest coming in at 106.9.
Enhancing Investment Results By Utilizing An Investment Mentor
Just as someone advancing in their job can benefit by having a mentor during their career, one's investment success can be enhanced by partnering with someone that can help by keeping one on track with their investment plan.
Dow Dogs Struggle Early In 2018
The Dogs of the Dow strategy is one where investors select the ten stocks that have the highest dividend yield from the stocks in the Dow Jones Industrial Index after the close of business on the last trading day of the year.
Last Week Was The Beginning Of An Equity Market Returning To Normality
Some say last week's market movement is one for the record books. I have seen descriptions noting the market decline was unprecedented or the market is in turmoil. What has been unprecedented is the lack of market volatility for nearly two years.
A Reversal In Bullish Investment Sentiment
The equity markets have reversed course and are currently experiencing a more volatile period, which is a more normal function for the markets.
Volatility Returns
The recent spike in volatility has certainly caught the attention of investors over the past several days and as corrections go, the market drop has been quick and sharp.
Pullbacks Are A Normal Part Of A Bull Market
During the Fed's move to increase short-term interest rates, some have expressed concerns due to the yield curve's increased flattening, i.e., short rates moving higher versus long-term interest rates.
Will The Stock Market Ever Decline Again?
The average intra-year decline for the S&P 500 Index since 1980 is 14% and the last double digit decline was in February 2016, nearly two years ago. So what in the world is going on that has stocks in what seems an uninterrupted climb?
A Balancing Oil Market But Will It Last?
With supply and demand nearing a more reasonable balance, the question becomes whether or not producers can maintain discipline and not over supply the market. History suggests producers will increase production given a higher price of oil.
Investor Sentiment More Actionable At Market Bottoms
Today's weekly AAII Sentiment Survey reports a drop in bullish investor sentiment of 11.1 percentage points to 48.7%.
High Beta Stock Outperformance Suggests A Strengthening Economy
The high beta index is under weight the traditionally more defensive sectors like consumer staples and utilities.
Sentiment: Simply More Buyers Than Sellers
The American Association of Individual Investors reported Sentiment Survey results last week and individual investor bullish sentiment jumped 7.1 percentage points to 59.8% while institutional sentiment in the NAAIM Exposure Index declined to 58%.
Dow 30,000 By Year End
The Dow Jones Industrial Average pushed through 25,000 in the first week of 2018. True to form, the President weighed in on this record and indicated 30,000 is the next target, skipping over the 1,000 increment target milestones.
Equal Weighted Equity Performance Lagged In 2017
One equity market phenomenon that played out in 2017 was the fact larger capitalization stocks were larger contributors to market returns.
Is The Glass Half Full Or Half Empty?
The market is way past due for a correction and we will get one; however, a lot of money has been lost waiting for the pullback.
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