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My path to writing this blog began as a personal journey. Prior to the start of this so-called “Great Recession,” my ex-wife had a family home that was an inheritance from her mother. I worked as a property manger at the time, and near the end of 2007, I could tell from rumblings in ... more


Epocalypse Ahead On Highway To Hell For Global Economy And US Stock Market
What is really happening is that, as the Fed is letting the air out of all the tires, all the stock markets in the world — since the dollar is a global currency — are becoming less stable.
Trump Tax-Cut Bonuses Are A Bust For Middle Class Workers, Wages Lie In A Wasteland Of Failed Promises
Corporations have never given anything to workers that they weren’t forced to give, whether because of collective bargaining, the need to compete in a tough labor market or government mandates … or as a public-relations necessity.
Stock Market’s Massive Moves Not Seen Since Great Recession
Talk about the market busting a move. In less than half a month, the Trump Rally lost a third of the gain it had developed over a period of sixteen months — the worst two-week drop since February 2009.
EC Groundhog Day Drives Stock Market 666 Points Below Ground: What That Says About The Frosty Season Ahead
Not sure what it means that the prognosticating marmot reholed himself on the same day that the Dow plunged 666 feet underground, but I'm pretty sure it does not mean springtime for the economy has just arrived.
The Ghosts Of Crashes Past, Recent, And Future
I bet my blog on a stock market crash for January 2018. Will I fly or die?
Trump Tax Plan, Greatest Gift Establishment Ever Got
The Trump Tax plan, as it now exists, makes Trump's promises to help the middle class without giving new and bigger tax breaks that are exclusive to the rich the greatest lie Trump ever told.


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The Run Ends At The Highs
4 months ago

Lance, Lance, Lance, with so much in the middle of your article about how fragile the market is, how the Fed (and other central banks) will not be there to provide support if something goes wrong, and how much contagion possibility exists with the Turkish lira crisis, why on earth would you be counseling clients to cautiously move up to full 100% equity exposure -- especially in an article with the giveaway title "The Run Ends at the Highs." Here we are moving back to an all-time high at at time with all the fragility you describe, and you're counseling investors to buy in more??? --David Haggith The Great Recession Blog

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Here’s Why Crypto Is Correcting ... And Why It’s Temporary
10 months ago

Good point. It can turn the market from leaning toward being a black market to being a mainstream out-in-the-daylight market. Right now, a lot of people are afraid to get involved because it is unregulated, prey to hackers, and obscure.

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Do Bond Prices Have Momentum?
10 months ago

Thanks, Anastasjia. (Love that name by the way.) I'm sure there can be many other factors, but I think supply and demand is the big one another. Another factor would be opportunity cost. If you're going to buy a bond, you have to ask yourself, "What other opportunities are there for me with this much money that are similar in risk, but maybe better in reward, or the same in reward but lower in risk." So, right now, with stocks looking risky in response to what was happening in the bond market, some people might actually decide to buy and hold bonds for safety (different than buying into a bond fund because bond funds can crash due to lack of liquidity (like a run on the bank); but bonds can be safely held and keep paying predictable interest for years. So, there is an equilibrium kind of force that sets in when stocks start to really crash, and people move to buying and holding bonds directly. That onslaught of buying creates more demand for the bonds and starts lowering their interest back down. That in turn, will make the stock market that is nervous right now a little less nervous if it sees bond yields going back down. In fact, one of the things that makes it nervous about seeing bond yields go up is that investors fear other investors will move out of stocks. So, it's a dynamic relationship like a game of tug-o-war.

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Here’s Why Crypto Is Correcting ... And Why It’s Temporary
10 months ago

Is getting clarification on gov't regs when "clarification" means getting regulated actually going to boost cryptos? It will, if it is effective, bar a lot of corrupt activity that is likely happening in the crypto market now (such as price rigging?) and may take away a few customers who use crypto to evade the law (such as to evade taxes or to launder money). Regulations will seek to cover all those things, which will reduce the number of customers and the number of transactions while increasing the cost of managing cryptos.

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Do Bond Prices Have Momentum?
10 months ago

It is simplistic to write as if the only factor driving interest on bonds up faster is inflation. Look at the numerous people who KNOWINGLY purchased bonds with negative real interest, meaning that they knew, once inflation was factored in, the interest on their bond would actually be negative. That shows there are other major factors in what people will pay for a bond and, therefore, where its interest can go than just inflation. People were scared and were willing to take calculated losses from inflation on the belief that those bonds were the only safe place to stand. Inflation is only one factor that drive interest rates in bond. Fear, as described above, is another. Therefore, if you have reason to believe fear will be rising, you have reason to believe upward momentum in interest rates will back off. The biggest factor of all is supply and demand. It's quite simple, if you have a massive supply of bonds to sell and cannot attract anywhere near enough buyers to raise all the money you need, you're going to have to up your interest game. Inflation being anticipated down the road only means you have to up it for that, too. So, when it comes to momentum, if you can look down the road and see that the supply of bonds is burgeoning AND you can see that the demand for bonds from the largest buyer of bonds (the Federal Reserve) is decreasing, you KNOW (even in an inflation neutral setting) there is going to be upward momentum building in interest rates. Of course, if you can know that inflation will go up or down, you should factor that into your assumptions about the momentum of bond interest as well.

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Technically Speaking: Have "Tax Cuts" Been "Priced In" Already?
10 months ago

While you are right that the tax reduction is priced in in terms of earnings per share after taxes, I don't see that you have factored in how the tax savings will also be used for additional stock buybacks, reducing the number of shares in the denominator and increasing the demand for shares. I also don't see how you've factored in how the income-tax cuts will increase before-tax earnings by increasing everyone's buying power. There are more dynamics at play, so I think the market has more room to run (even though I hate this tax plan).

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Questions On Inflation
1 year ago

Great questions -- especially the notion that the reversal of QE could cause money that is already tied up in stocks to move to other areas of the economy. It is the movement of money, not the storage of it, that causes inflationary effects on prices.

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