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My path to writing this blog began as a personal journey. Prior to the start of this so-called “Great Recession,” my ex-wife had a family home that was an inheritance from her mother. I worked as a property manger at the time, and near the end of 2007, I could tell from rumblings in ... more


2017 Stock Market Predictions: Trump Slump In January For Stocks
Huge market euphoria in the absence of economic improvement, promised tax changes giving rally winners reason to wait to take profits until 2017, Obama scorching the earth everywhere, and numerous other forces mean the stock rally is going down.
Irrational Exuberance In US Stock Market Grasps At 20K For Dow
Since Trump’s election, the US stock market has climbed unstoppably along a remarkably steep path to round off at a teetering height. Is this the irrational exuberance that typically marks the last push before a perilous plunge?
Is The Fed Fix In For The Election?
The Dow appears to be whistling past the graveyard in this graph of its fibrillating heartbeat. This is the most unnatural, rigged-looking, zombie market I've seen. Even big Apple's feared fall couldn't push the market's head underwater.
Federal Reserve Admits It Never Knew What It Was Doing
The Fed acknowledges at top levels that its economists are completely baffled, its recovery is failing, that the Fed cannot raise interest and may even have to heat up its stimulants, or we may end with a permanently scarred and stagnant economy.
Slippery Oil Prices Plunge Over Cliff Into Bear Market
Oil today plunged unrestrained below $40 per barrel, taking oil prices down more than 20% from their high a little over a month ago. Here is a list of newly developing reasons and ways that oil prices will continue to slide toward $30 per barrel:
EC Something Dark Emerges From The Tar Pits And Oil Sands
The crude oil price rally has been completely crushed. That said, oil still has not gone back into the dark valley from which it came in the winter of oil’s discontent, and to which I said it would return. My oil price prediction is $30/barrel again.


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David Haggith
“Illegal aliens are taking our jobs.” “Nope.” “Then they’re all on welfare.” “Nope." Then they're all dead.
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2017 Economic Headwinds: Housing Bubbles Popping Up And Just Plain Popping Everywhere
Housing bubbles are showing signs of bursting all over the world, particularly in the US, Canada and Australia. With bubbles now at the peak of popping everywhere, the coming collapse could make the US crash of 2007-2009 look like a warm-up act.
The Trump Triumph Challenges Economic Predictions For 2017
The triumph of Trump as champion of a revolution against the status quo will boost the economy in the ways listed here; but the economic collapse of the globalist regime's "recovery" remains certain.
The Inevitability Of Economic Collapse
Globalists and Anti-Globalists will battle with increasing intensity all year while the following list of severe economic structural flaws build unrestrained against the US and global economies.
“Hell Week II: The Revenge” Threatens Unrestrained Election Rejection
People who reviled Trump as unAmerican for refusing to promise he would accept the election results now reject the election results, themselves, in an inauguration week of orchestrated anarchy.
George Soros: The Man Behind The Mayhem
Poor sore Soros is crying in his milk. What makes Soros tick, what makes him him talk?
If 2016 Wasn’t The Epocalypse, What The Heck Was It?
2016 may not have been the Year of the Epocalypse, but it sure was weird. Here are a few of the otherworldly highlights that typified the troubles of 2016:
Obama’s Twilight Moves Against Israel May Foreshadow N]His Move To UN Sec’y Gen
Obama’s UN declaration about Israeli settlements was not the finale of his end days but prologue to years ahead. Obama is locking down as much political turf as he can, weakening the US while strengthening the UN leadership position.
Trumponomics: Going For A Ride On The Trump Train
Trumponomics moves the US deeper into a “mixed economy” in which government funding and private funding are married in a presidential cabinet that is nothing more than a bankster-baron cabal.
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