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ETF Watchlist: Week Of January 15, 2018
Perhaps the hottest word in the tech sector right now is “blockchain”. Blockchain, a sort of digital ledger for cryptocurrency transactions, is most commonly associated with bitcoin, but could have an immense number of other technology applications.
ETF Watchlist: Week Of January 8, 2018
If there’s one thing to prepare yourself in 2018, it’s higher volatility. A market this calm is a significant outlier, and it’s appropriate to expect the equity markets to begin bouncing around more at some point in the near future.
ETF Watchlist: Week Of December 11, 2017
As we get ready to wrap up 2017, many investment houses have already begun turning their attention to 2018.
This Week’s ETF Launches: Betting On The Demise Of Retail
Here are this week’s new fund launches: CLIX and EMTY.
ETF Watchlist: Week Of November 27, 2017
Traditionally, things calm down in December as investors focus more on the holidays and vacation time instead of their portfolios. Don’t let that distract you from the fact that December is one of the best months to be in the equity markets.
DEM: This 4% Yielder Is A Top Dividend Growth Pick
In reality, the emerging markets group still looks relatively attractive despite this year’s run-up. Some pockets look very attractive, including large-cap dividend payers.


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Forget Bitcoin; Blockchain ETFs Are Here, And They're Not As Alike As You'd Think $BCLN $BLOK

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