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I have been following the ebb and flow of financial markets for more than 30 years. I have worked for brokers and asset managers in commodities, money markets, capital markets, equities and foreign exchange.

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A Safe Place To Hide – Inflation And The Bond Markets
With inflation fears are on the rise, especially in the US and UK, 2yr Gilts make for an uncomfortable investment today, however, they are a serious contender as a safe place to hide, come the real stock market correction.
A Warning Knell From The Housing Market – Inciting A Riot?
Global residential real estate prices continue to rise but momentum is slowing. Prices in Russia continue to fall but Australian house prices look set to follow. After a decade of QE, real estate will be more sensitive to interest rate increases.
The Risk Of A Correction In The Equity Bull Market
Since 2009, the US stock market has been trending broadly higher. If we can continue to make new highs, or at least, not correct to the downside by more than 20%, it will be the longest equity bull-market in US history.
China – Leading Indicator? Stocks, Credit Policy, Rebalancing And Money Supply
Chinese yields have reached their highest since October 2014; money supply growth is below target and continues to moderate
Bull Market Breather Or Beginning Of The End?
Stock markets have finally taken a breather over the last fortnight, although the S&P 500 has made a new, marginal, high this week.
Global Real Estate And The End Of QE – Is It Time To Be Afraid?
Higher interest rates and weakness in household earnings growth will temper the rise in property prices. If the markets run scared it may even lead to a brief correction.




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