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I have been following the ebb and flow of financial markets for more than 30 years. I have worked for brokers and asset managers in commodities, money markets, capital markets, equities and foreign exchange.

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European Bonds – Warning Knell Or Cause For Celebration?
Greek bonds have been the best performer in the Eurozone year to date. Portuguese bonds have also rallied since March whilst Spanish Bonos declined. German Bund yields are up 28bps since January heralding an end to ECB QE.
Japan – Politics, Central Banking And The Nikkei 225
PM Abe called a snap general election for October, amid rising geopolitical tensions. The BoJ maintain QQE despite Federal Reserve plans to reduce its balance sheet. Japanese wages are rising whilst inflation is stuck at zero.
Is Chinese Growth About To Falter?
China has long been the marginal driver of demand for a wide array of commodities. In an attempt to understand the recent rise in the price of industrial metals, the strength of Chinese demand is a key factor. The picture is mixed.
Does The Rising Price Of Industrial Metals Herald The Beginning Of The Next Commodity Super-Cycle?
A strong trend in industrial metals may not coincide with a strong trend in tropical soft commodities or North American grains. Nonetheless, the idea of the super-cycle is beguiling, because it ties the demand for all commodities to economic growth.
Has Bitcoin Come Of Age?
Cryptocurrencies have captured the imagination of many new participants, from geeks to gold bugs, but, as BTC achieves greater legitimacy, the market will deepen and mature.
The Gritty Potential Of Fire Ice – Savior Or Scourge?
100,000 TCF of Methane Hydrate could meet global gas demand for 800 years. Japan METI estimate production costs falling to $7/mln BTUs over the next 20 years




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As globalisation goes into reverse, fiscal policy will take the strain Countries with government debt to GDP ratios <70% represent >45% of global GDP Fiscal expansion by less indebted countries could increase total debt by at least $3.48trln

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