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Baptized into the world of business and travel at a young age I’ve subsequently lived in multiple countries, traveled to many more and built myself a small fortune investing in businesses and markets that I spend an extraordinary amount of time doing due diligence on.

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Hands Up, Who Wants To Be Long Crazy?
What is happening with New Zealand's real estate market and the New Zealand Dollar?
Australia: A 58% Wipeout Is "Best Case"?
Australia’s household debt-to-income level has reached a spectacular new high, hitting 200% for the first time. Total household debt now stands at an eye-watering record $2.47 trillion… or nearly $100,000 for every man, woman, and child.
Are Your Knuckles White Yet?
In this noise and clutter of the heat of battle we’re forgetting that the risk — the real risk — is that bonds have turned.
EC Geographical Arbitrage In Cryptos
I’ve a feeling we’re going to see some serious arbitrage taking place with key global powers swinging at the ball.
Elon Musk Pulls An ICO
Last week something amazing, breathtaking, and revolutionary happened. We had another ICO… the very first of its kind. An Initial Car Offering.
The "Other" Side Of Asymmetry You Never Hear About
What is unique about Japan is that the BOJ is targeting yield and holding the 10-year at zero. Not sub zero – just zero.
The Year Was 1989…
Most economic crises are the result of an economic boom which leads to investors getting all giddy, bidding up assets to the point where they become completely disconnected with reality.
Jamie Dimon Should Learn About Lemons
It seems that James Dimon knows little about modern day "lemons" and their properties. Here's some major ignorance points he shared with us all on his views just recently.
We Have Met The Enemy… And He Is Us
Breathe, relax, and put everything into context. Most of the time you should be doing nothing at all except observing.
SDR: The New Global Currency
The market appears to be painting a particularly nasty picture for the greenback, and the bears, as we can see, are all in and betting on black.
Warning: Danger Lurks Here
Since 1995, the supply of stocks, particularly in the US, has been shrinking faster than Trump’s approval ratings. At the same time, the number of indexes have exploded like one of Kim’s shiny new missiles. Why?
Electricit Cars Everywhere
We can all switch to EVs but all we’re doing is swapping out fossil fuels from our gas tanks for fossil fuels at our power stations.
Ruskies, Sanctions, And Bitcoin – Coincidence?
Far from banning Bitcoin and crypto currencies, Russia is now raising US$100m to mine crypto currencies.
Revisiting Saudi Arabia
I do think the spat with Qatar has less to do with them than it has to do with Iran and with the Saudi’s domestic problems – both financial and political.
Two Events Just Hinted At Explosive Growth Ahead
Now that equity holders have been wiped out, the bond-holders will be left to fight over the remaining assets. Better than being an equity holder but not a position you'd want to be in.
Solving The Liquidity Problem (Not What You Think!)
The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe, which had stopped the fungibility of Old Mutual shares, was reported to be buying the shares on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange and transferring them to the Johannesburg Stock Exchange.
1 to 16 of 55 Posts
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