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Baptized into the world of business and travel at a young age I’ve subsequently lived in multiple countries, traveled to many more and built myself a small fortune investing in businesses and markets that I spend an extraordinary amount of time doing due diligence on.

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Ruskies, Sanctions, And Bitcoin – Coincidence?
Far from banning Bitcoin and crypto currencies, Russia is now raising US$100m to mine crypto currencies.
Revisiting Saudi Arabia
I do think the spat with Qatar has less to do with them than it has to do with Iran and with the Saudi’s domestic problems – both financial and political.
Two Events Just Hinted At Explosive Growth Ahead
Now that equity holders have been wiped out, the bond-holders will be left to fight over the remaining assets. Better than being an equity holder but not a position you'd want to be in.
Solving The Liquidity Problem (Not What You Think!)
The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe, which had stopped the fungibility of Old Mutual shares, was reported to be buying the shares on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange and transferring them to the Johannesburg Stock Exchange.
Mr. Creosote Is Full
Fed, ECB and BoJ account for roughly 14 trillion dollars of balance sheets. The BoJ is actually accelerating this trend… quintupling its size in under a decade.
World Out Of Whack: You’d Be Fired For Doing This
Fixed income is marketed to people as a dull product—five times your money isn’t a dull return—that’s better than most growth equity guys.
World Out Of Whack: The End Of Oil Within 10 Years?
Oil demand will peak at 100 million barrels per day by 2020, dropping to 70 million barrels per day by 2030. That represents a drop of 30 million barrels in real terms and 40 million barrels below the EIA’s current “business as usual” case.
World Out Of Whack: Déjà Vu In The USD Bull Market?
Emerging markets sold a record amount of government debt in the first quarter of this year.
Crisis Meet China – China Meet Crisis
What you see when the liquidity dries up is people start going down… and this is the beginning of the Chinese credit crisis.
Crypto Currencies Go Ballistic - Not Just Bitcoin
The growth in the overall value of the crypto currency markets makes me wonder if we reached an inflection point where the ‘dam has broken’ so to speak and a flood of money is about to pour into this market.
World Out Of Whack: 5 Head Scratchers
The world is a web, interconnected at multiple levels but in it’s entirety it is one giant capital flow chart.
World Out Of Whack: An Absurd Unintended Consequence Of Abnormally Low Rates
By going to zero or negative interest rates, the true market price of risk isn’t just distorted, it’s largely completely unknown at this point.
How Heavy Is This?
Today, bonds are more sensitive to price movements than at any other time in history and the yield achieved on them so low that it doesn’t take all that much for a positive return (just) to turn into a loss.
World Out Of Whack: Does This Energy Deal Signal A Dollar Bear Market?
We know that the biggest (and often the fastest) returns come from asymmetric market moves. But, in order to identify these moves, we must first identify where they live.
An “Investment” Even More Ludicrous Than Government Bonds
What about investing in hard assets like diamonds? Historically one of the most interesting and controversial monopolies is arguably that of the diamond market in recent times.
World Out Of Whack: Iceland, You Won’t Believe It
Iceland’s banking system held assets worth 10 times that of the entire country’s GDP. And that fact is, I believe, why today Iceland is faring relatively well.
1 to 16 of 43 Posts
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