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Chris Ciovacco is the founder and CEO of Ciovacco Capital Management (CCM), an independent money management firm serving individual investors nationwide.

The thoroughly researched and backtested CCM Market Model answers these important questions:

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FV Stocks: Beginning Of The End For Bulls?
It's fair to say that the last five trading days have displayed 'gut-wrenching' volatility. Since it's hard to deal with normal volatility even in a bull market, there are numerous reasons to stay patient during volatility in this market.
FV Stocks: Major Cracks Forming?
In this week's video we address the million-dollar question, are cracks forming in the case to stay bullish on the stock market?
FV Nasdaq Waving Red Flags?
We go through the long-term, big picture confirmation charts to answer the question is the Nasdaq waving red flags like in 2000 and 2008 charts.
FV Is Info Overload Killing Your Investment Returns?
In this week's video we will discuss how to cut through an excess of information to improve investment returns.
FV Stocks: Time To Find An Exit?
Stocks have been so strong many investors haven't developed a bear market, or exit, strategy but it's something that help you sleep at night.
FV Simple And Powerful Stock Market Charts
We review some charts, with simple moving averages, to help illustrate some simple and powerful governing principles in investing.
FV Will Trend Exhaustion Take Down The Bulls?
We will study proprietary market charts to see if he bulls are about to be tripped up by an exhaustion in the market's trend.
FV Stocks: Like 1987 Crash Or 1982 Bash?
In this week's video we review the long-term charts all the way back to 1930 to see if the setups in the markets are more like the crash of 1987 or the bash of 1982.
FV Stocks: Different This Time?
With stocks at all time highs and valuations stretched we visit the question is it different this time? We look at charts from 1935 to the present day to find the answer.
Stocks: Red Screens And Scary Headlines
This week we'll perform a direct comparison between scary headlines and red screens versus leveraging hard date to make prudent decisions.
FV Major Shake-Up For Asset Allocation
We'll review numerous present-day chart to review why everything we know about asset allocation is about to change.
FV Stocks: About To End Badly?
This week we go to the charts to determine if this long-term bull market is giving signals that it's all about to come crashing down and whether bonds are ripe to outperform stocks.
FV Tired Of Making The Same Investment Mistakes?
We review three habits to adopt that can help you successfully avoid the most common investment mistakes.
FV Dow Waving Bearish Flags?
We check the charts to see if we should be concerned if the Dow is now looking bearish compared to the other indices.
FV Charts Say Higher Highs Before Year-End
We'll cover the charts in this video that answer the questions: Does this still look like a bull market and will there be higher highs by year end.
Yield Curve Signaling Bear Market In Stocks?
While the yield curve is an important tool it needs to be used properly to tell if an inversion is leading to a recession or a bear market in stocks.
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