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This Ratio Signals A Pullback Is Coming
The surge to start the year sent a popular ratio, the put/call ratio, to its lowest level in almost four years. As this ratio moves lower, it starts to tell us what we can expect from the market — and right now, it’s telling us to expect a pullback.
This Controversial Industry Is Here To Stay
The way this Marijuana industry as a whole has reacted to the recent news has convinced me it is here to stay, and if you don’t have exposure to it yet — now is the time.
Use This Simple Strategy To Beat The Market In 2018
I find myself overanalyzing the markets sometimes. So I’m happy to share with you today a very simple strategy you can use in 2018.
Cryptomania Continues, But It Won’t Last Long
The latest cryptocraziness is even more mind-blowing, and more likely a desperate move than the previous ones.
Natural Gas Is Rallying … But Don’t Buy It Yet
The cold snap has a lot of investors focusing on natural gas prices again, and whether or not to buy the rally the price has experienced over the last few weeks.
Cryptomania Will Fade In 2018
The envy, and confusion, around cryptocurrencies, has sparked what is called cryptomania. I’m not calling for bitcoin to plunge, or for cryptocurrencies in general to fade next year. But this hysteria will end the same way all hysterias do: badly.




Chad Shoop
This Ratio Signals A Pullback Is Coming
Chad Shoop
This Controversial Industry Is Here To Stay $CBIS $TWMJF more
Chad Shoop
Use This Simple Strategy To Beat The Market In 2018 $CVX $GE more
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The stress index is used to show when the economy is in certain stress situations — either above- or below-average stress. The interest-rate market over the next three to six months could easily be the catalyst that creates a bottom in the stress index.
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I have spent quite some time trying to figure out how to predict an earnings announcement. I never found anything that worked by betting on earnings. And I have followed numerous others who set out to discover a way to make money before earnings were announced … and they too have failed.
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The best poker players are excellent at hiding their tells, and also at identifying others’. These same tactics can be used in the stock market. Today, we’ll look at a tell you can find on earnings calls.
Satellites Provide Insights On Amazon
A company on everybody’s radar recently has been Whole Foods. Analysts are looking to see whether or not the acquisition by Inc. has created more traffic for the grocery chain. The quick answer: not really.
Prepare For A Decade Of Subpar Returns
According to analysts at Goldman Sachs, the next 10 years are likely to underperform even our usual 10%-a-year return expectations. Ten percent a year is the rule of thumb that we use as the S&P 500’s growth rate.
The Fed's Debt Problem
The latest rate hike may appear to bring traditional yield assets back into the mainstream. But the Fed has a debt problem, so don’t get your hopes up.

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