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Geopolitical Influences On World Markets
We may see this kind of money 'ebb and flow' scenario continue throughout the remainder of the year.
Israel's Tel Aviv 125 Index Poised For A Rally
As Israel prepares for the relocation of the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem on Monday, the Tel Aviv 125 Index (TA125) appears to be poised for a rally.
Bitcoin's Slippery Search For Fair Value
Daily and weekly price action on Bitcoin reflects systematic, measured selling since it made its record high in mid-December 2017, and it has failed to stabilize since then. There is no indication that is about to change any time soon.
VIX "Normal" Price Range Using TPO Profile Study
Is today's trading environment any different than it has been during the past 33 years where we'll see the VIX held below its "normal" range for a very long time going forward?
Political Headwinds Await US Markets As November Mid-Term Election Approaches
As economic benefits of last year's Tax Cuts and Jobs Act begin to filter into the US economy, the S&P 500 Index appears to be headed towards a retest of its all-time high of 2872.87 set in January of this year.
Will The SPX Break Out Ahead Of The JCPOA Recertification Deadline?
Perhaps we'll have a clearer picture of direction on the S&P 500 Index (SPX) on a break one way or the other after President Trump decides by May 12 whether or not to recertify the JCPOA.


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Israel's Tel Aviv 125 Index Poised For A Rally
11 days ago

Perhaps this summer will be better with a more fulsome support from the US and President Trump.

U.S. Major Indices Fail To Hold Onto Gains In 2018 Q1
1 month ago

Could be that the perception of its ties to customer data is weighing more negatively, at the moment, than on its other business pursuits...we'll see if that escalates or abates...either way, I think volatility will remain for awhile.

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SPX 3000?
4 months ago

P.S. to my article above...

Alternatively, we may see a hit of 3000 (or beyond to its next major external Fibonacci level of 3047) at the +5 channel deviation level sometime in February, potentially taking the Dow 30 along with it to around 26,700 (as I described recently in my post of January 11). Subsequently, these indices may move sideways for awhile to allow some of this parabolic surge (that began after the November 2016 Presidential election) to dissipate.

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SPX: 100-Point Rally Ahead?
11 months ago

Many thanks, Bill! :-)

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Tech Sector Holds The Key
1 year ago's unclear to me at this point. Perhaps, barring any major geo-political (including domestic) upsets or oversees nuclear "mistakes" in the near future, we'll eventually see markets resume an uptrend after drifting in this range, or maybe a bit lower until the fall. Although, there's still the possibility that markets spike higher one last time before a (rumoured) June rate hike.

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Tech Sector Holds The Key
1 year ago

Hey,'s been awhile since we've "talked"...nice to "see" you again. :-)

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3 Trillion Dollars Now At Risk...And More
1 year ago

I, myself, wouldn't profess to speak on behalf of others' interests. I have a hard enough time keeping track of my own. :)

My article simply points out the fact that there is no evidence, thus far, that Republicans are willing to support and advance (by means of legislation) President Trump's ambitious agenda. We'll see what markets think of that (if this continues) over the coming days and weeks, and, more importantly, what voters think and want within the next 2 to 4 years.

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3 Trillion Dollars Now At Risk...And More
1 year ago

(Safer for whom?) It is if you like's more important to ask affected voters what they think.

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3 Trillion Dollars Now At Risk...And More
1 year ago

I doubt if President #Trump has a one-trick-pony agenda. The real issue is, I believe, whether his party is behind him 100% in order for him to implement his ambitious plans. So far, I've seen no evidence of that in the House and Senate.

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Tech May Hold Key To Continued Santa Rally
1 year ago

Thx, Alexander...If $AAPL execs can be convinced to repatriate its overseas cash in exchange for forgiveness of paying taxes on such a transaction by some kind of Congressional intervention (which includes AAPL committing to invest in public infrastructure programs), you could see its stock break out to new highs next year. Perhaps Mr. Trump's team can work some kind of magic in this regard. Your comment has inspired me to write about a potential rally on my Blog at StrawberryBlonde'

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Candy Matheson Commented on Israel's Tel Aviv 125 Index Poised For A Rally:

Perhaps this summer will be better with a more fulsome support from the US and President Trump.

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