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How To Prepare For The Next Market Correction
Another correction will come eventually, so now is the time to do two things: Hold onto a larger amount of cash and buy index put options as protection.
What The September Fed Rate Hike Means
The Fed’s economic projections were mostly in line with what they said in June. The only difference: expectations are tightened up a bit.
EOG Resources Looks To Break Out Of A Consolidation
Crude oil climbed sharply this week after the release of some very light inventory numbers last week and stronger demand estimates. No one came close to EOG Resources, which closed near its all-time high – and I don’t think this one is finished yet.
Adobe Systems Makes Waves
Cloud-based application and computing names have been strong in 2018, and Adobe Systems has led the way.
Broadcom Chart Shows Robust Price Action
After slumping severely in early July following news that it would acquire CA Technologies, Broadcom has sprung to life.
3 Signs That Inflation Is Under Control
The 2-year US Treasury yield curve has been on everyone’s mind lately. Will the curve invert – and by how much?


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Apple Is Slowly Blowing Companies Away
1 year ago

thanks again....a phone company not in the sense of AT&T or Verizon, rather a phone hardware company. they derive 80% or more of its sales from iPhone, so if it walks like a duck, talks like a duck...u know the rest. This is the only distinction I made here, but notice I talked about the watch, apps, services and coming new stuff like content. So, I realize they are looking for new sources of revenue but the dominant one comes from iPhone (for now).

In this article: AAPL
Apple Is Slowly Blowing Companies Away
1 year ago

thanks for your comments. why not a fan? did you bother to read my comment following, 'if you are looking at sales then you would be correct'. read again.

In this article: AAPL
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Bob Lang
i can't recall the last 2.5% up day for the markets...been awhile, but it's very bullish.

Bob Lang
dongulfo i don't quite understand.....what's behind the hyperlink?
Bob Lang
10/18 webinar, let's talk about taking a break from trading.
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