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Blair Jensen is President of Downside Hedge which provides market commentary and hedging strategies for individual investors. His development of a stock market sentiment indicator based on the Twitter stream is changing the way investors and traders ... more


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Market Risk: Warning
The market Indicator is signaling risk today. The Long/Cash portfolio goes 100% to cash.
Market Strength Whipsaw
Over the past week my core measures of market strength whipsawed. The category went positive last week, then went back to negative yesterday. Another thing of note is that my core measures of stock market risk fell substantially.
Market Strength Goes Positive
My core measures of market strength have gone positive.
Market Quality Goes Positive Again
My core measures of market quality have gone positive again. My measures of market trend and strength are lagging, suggesting a somewhat choppy market ahead.
Market Health Indicators: Consolidation Likely
Market health indicators are signaling that some consolidation is likely. All of the core categories are negative with the exception of risk.
Market Quality Recovers
Over the past week, my measures of market quality recovered and are now back above zero.
Market Quality Goes Positive
Over the past week my measures of market quality have gone positive.
Strengthening Indicators
All of my market health indicators are strengthening. Most notably my measures of risk and strength have moved from negative to positive.
Risk Warning Cleared
On Friday my market risk indicator cleared its warning. The core market health indicators are usually much slower to clear so they’re still mostly negative.
Market Risk Warning Clears
Most of my core market health indicators have strengthened. However, my core measures of risk still haven’t recovered.
Warning Still In Effect
The S&P 500 Index (SPX) is consolidating along its 50 day moving average. A significant move above it would almost certainly clear the market risk warning.
Market Risk Warning - Friday, Feb. 9
Market risk warnings come in two varieties. Ones that last for only a week or two (a false signal) and ones that last for several months (a significant correction or bear market).
Diverging Indicators
The market risk, economy, and strength categories are soaring higher, while the market quality and trend categories are lagging substantially.
Consolidation Likely
Last week, I mentioned that it might be time for some consolidation. This week, it appears more likely. My measures of market quality have dipped below zero and my measures of market trend are dropping pretty fast.
Breadth Declining
The market keeps working its way higher, but the bearish count is rising. Overall sentiment for SPX is very optimistic, but has been in a fairly solid range between 2550 and 2600 on SPX.
Markets: More Of The Same
My core market health indicators bounced around a bit this week, but they’re all still positive.
1 to 16 of 558 Posts
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