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Dr. Bill Conerly connects the dots between the economy and business decisions. As a consultant, he not only forecasts the economy but also helps business leaders understand how their challenges will change with the evolving economy. He holds a Ph.D. in economics from Duke University and was ... more


Consumers Surveys Show Mixed Results, Which Is Actually Good
The two main surveys of consumers show mixed results right now, but that mostly happens when times are very good or very bad. Right now times are very good.
How Bad A Recession Should You Use In Contingency Planning?
There aren’t many businesses that can look at their own experiences over 60 years, as I looked at the economy, but most companies can look back ten years. Half of the last recession experience would be a good benchmark.
Companies Need To Know The Dollar Cost Of Employee Turnover
However you estimate your own costs, it’s imperative that both operations and finance people come to own the estimate. They need to believe it is real.
Time To Worry About Inflation -- And The Fed's Effort To Stop It
The economy is running hot, wage rates are rising, and demand growth is about to exceed supply growth. Now I predict that inflation will accelerate.
Trump's Tariffs, Supply Chains And Other Risks
The tariff war begun by President Trump has caused many executives to think about their supply chains. That’s a good start, but selecting suppliers is more than working through tariffs.
The Yield Curve As Recession Predictor: Should We Worry Today?
The yield curve has proved to be a valuable indicator of future recessions. Some economists are getting nervous now, as signals are flashing yellow—not quite red, but certainly not green. However, the yield curve is only indicative of a recession.


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Conerly Consulting LLC
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Strategic planning and the external business environment.
Cascade Policy Institute
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Senior Vice President & Economist
First Interstate Bank
September 1987 - March 1996 (8 years 8 months)
Senior economist and manager of economics department covering five-state region.
Director of Economic Research
July 1984 - June 1987 (3 years)


Duke University
1974 / 1980
New College
1971 / 1974


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Bill Conerly
Bill Conerly
The Businomics blog helps business leaders make more profitable decisions through a better understanding of the economy. Although it occasionally delves into public policy or investments, it's mostly focused on actionable information. When the business cycle turns, the Businomics blog helps business leaders understand how their daily challenges will turn. When new corporate strategy fads emerge, the Businomics blog uses hard-headed economic analysis to determine which parts of the new fad make sense, and which should be ignored.
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William Conerly
Business leaders know that the economy affects their sales, costs and profits. But they often fail to translate economic news into action steps that will protect and grow their profits. The solution is Businomics™: From the Headlines to Your Bottom Line: How to Profit in Any Economic Cycle, which connects the dots between the economic news and business decisions. How vulnerable is your business to recession? Businomics™ explains why some sectors are highly susceptible to downturns, while others are fairly stable—and they are not always the sectors you expect! You may have studied macroeconomics in college, but the course was almost certainly mathematical and focused on policy. Businomics™ attacks the subject from the perspective of a business leader: what you must know to anticipate, prepare for and react to downturns in the economy. The book provides a step-by-step guide to developing an early warning system tailored specifically to your company.
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