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Barbara A. Friedberg, MBA, MS, former portfolio manager, is committed to investment + money education across multiple platforms. She owns Barbara Friedberg Personal which is dedicated to improving investment knowledge and wealth as well as Robo-Advisor, a non-biased, ... more


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Why Is Asset Allocation Important? The Most Crucial Investment Concept
With an all-stock portfolio, in 2016, you would have enjoyed an 11.74% return and a -36.55% decline in 2008. But, diversify a bit and the gain in 2016 wouldn’t have been as great, but neither would your losses have been as devastating in 2008.
E Personal Capital Review + Marketing Genius
The recipe is ingenious. Start with iconic founders, create a unique product, add on extra features and finish off with an amazing free giveaway.
Multifactor ETFs Are All The Rage-Is It Time To Buy In?
Are you seeking Alpha with less risk? Multifactor ETFs may be the answer to your investing quest. These recent ETF strategies combine historical market anomalies, likely to beat the market, with a low fee index fund approach.
Win-Win Negotiation: How I Made $500 In Ten Minutes
Win-win negotiation means that both parties leave the negotiation happy. Of course, you want to get what you want, but the best negotiations leave with both parties feeling satisfied.
Find Out How Robo-Advisors Diversify Your Investments
Can a digital investment platform carry out the careful index fund asset allocation that I work tirelessly to perfect? In order to find out, I took a spin on the Jemstep platform.
1 to 5 of 5 Posts