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E Canada Also Had Spectacular Job Creation In 2017
The Canadian unemployment rate dropped two percentage points down to a record low of 5.7% in December, even though there also was a slight increase in the participation rate.
E Because The U.S. Job Market Is So Tight, Job Creation Will Likely Moderate This Year
The U.S. economy has now recorded two consecutive years of unusually strong job creation. As of December 2017, payroll employment in the U.S. expanded by 2.1 million over the year compared with a gain of 2.2 million jobs in 2016.
E Japan’s Economy Recovered Strongly In 2017, Government Indebtedness Is Staggeringly High
Japan’s economy has been helped by the fact that the world economy has been growing at a reasonable pace. Japan’s labor market is very tight, wages are creeping up, and Japan may have finally conquered its deflationary concerns.
E The Popular Narrative Of A Declining U.S. Manufacturing Sector Is Only True In Terms Of Employment
By removing inflation from the GDP calculations, manufacturing share of real GDP in the U.S. has been roughly constant over the past 70 years.
E How Countries Manage Economic Downturns Depends On Their Policy Room To Maneuver
Countries facing economic or financial crises are better able to deal with them if the authorities have policy room to stimulate their economy using both monetary and fiscal policy measures.
E The Euro Area Is On A Stable Growth Path, Which Is Why The ECB Will Gradually Reduce Its Asset Purchases
Growth in the Euro Area’s economy is expected to remain strong this year (2%), but ease back to around to 1.5% in 2019.


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A Strong Currency Has Lowered Inflation In The Euro Area
4 months ago

I agree. Of course, China is selling consumer goods all over the world, and in this way, is lowering prices (and inflation) virtually everywhere.

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