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Alexandra Lienhard is the Chief Correspondent for ElliottWaveTV, a channel dedicated to providing the latest information from key Elliott Wave Analysts, as well as, classic educational and training on the Wave Principle. She also hosts the popular podcast Elliott Wave Weekly. Alexandra has ... more


This Is Why You Should Be Skeptical Of The FTSE Rally
This video explains why you may not want to hang your hat on the latest rally in British stocks.
Gold: This Will Make You Appreciate Momentum Indicators
Learn what momentum is signaling across the metals markets.
Gold, Silver & More: Here’s What To Expect Next
New insights into the recent price action across the metals markets.
Gold: Will The Decline Continue?
The dollar, interest rates, and politics are the wrong indicators.
Copper, Gold And More: A Fresh Look At Industrial And Precious Metals
Tom Denham, Senior Metals Analyst, outlines the patterns he’s looking at in copper, aluminum and gold and discusses what these patterns imply for the future of these markets.
EURUSD: “We Are At An Interesting Juncture”
Jim Martens talks about a pattern in EURUSD that’s been years in the making and what it implies for future price action.


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Alexandra Lienhard
French Election: Socialism, Bull Markets, Bear Markets - And Social Mood
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“We’re Looking At Two Stories In The U.S. Dollar Right Now”
Jim Martens, the editor of Elliott Wave International's Currency Pro Service, tells you why his view on the U.S. dollar is "splintered" right now, in terms of strength vs. weakness.
OPEC Or Not, Crude Oil Prices Will Go "Here"
See why Elliott Wave International's Chief Energy Analyst believes regardless of what OPEC does, it's unlikely to change oil’s dominant trend. Learn what that trend is -- and also get their latest views on natural gas and more.
French Election: Socialism, Bull Markets, Bear Markets - And Social Mood
Brian Whitmer, the editor of Elliott Wave International's European Financial Forecast, discusses sentiment and social mood across Europe as French voters head to the polls on Sunday to elect France’s new president.
Sunday's French Election “Makes Sense Socionomically”
Brian Whitmer, the editor of Elliott Wave International's European Financial Forecast and Global Market Perspective contributor, tells you what he’s watching as France is headed into its historic election.
Energy Volatility: What To Expect Next
Steve Craig, the Editor of Elliott Wave International's Energy Pro Service, explains that when looking across the energy complex, 2017 is playing out according to his Elliott wave script.
Crude Oil: "Classic Behavior," Explosive Results
Learn why the recent choppy, sideways moves in crude oil are "classic behavior" that should lead to an explosive outcome.
U.S. Stocks: The Big Story Everyone Missed In 2016 And What It Means For You Now
Key story from 2016 that most investors missed, the "Trump Bump" and more.
Trump’s “Honeymoon Phase”: Why Low Approval Ratings Matter
A real honeymoon means a “happy couple” -- and so far, Donald Trump hasn't made his “bride” – namely, the public -- happy.

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