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Previously worked in securities fraud, misconduct and embezzlement investigations, litigation, contract compliance and other forensic services.

Finance is a passion. I like to analyze, report and predict future trends.


E Christmas Comes Early For BMW And Daimler
BMW and Daimler stock prices are near slumping near a bottom of the 52-week high/low, which is a periodic movement. Such low prices signal an upward trajectory.


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The U.S. Dollar Continues To Perform Consistently, But What Does 2017 Hold In Store?
9 months ago

Marcus Turner Jones

Good insight. It is definitely important to consider all aspects of the economy when analyzing the $USD. I think that the $USD will appreciate for some time, however, some of Trump's economic policies will counter this effect, yielding zero-sum. The dollar always tends to normalize, imports and exports should be regulated for this period of volatility and deregulated after the end of the cycle.

Considering the instability in Europe and the ECB, how sensitive will the market be to monetary initiatives implemented by the ECB? Do you think that the US should intervene at the moment or shall the market play its part?

Leadership (Bio-Tech) Breakout; Good Sign For Broad Market
9 months ago

My Simple Forecast:

Looks like $XBI has had a positive growth trend. With middle of the year approaching I believe that the cycle will repeat, thus hitting high points again. The seasonal patterns may be based on the rate of discovery of new technology, so cycles may be of unusual lengths. Nonetheless, looks like $XBI is positively correlated to SP500, and it is leading variable. We can anticipate new highs by beginning Q3.

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Quick Take: Confidence Abounds
9 months ago

David Moenning Do you think that we will experience steady growth? Or does the current volatility indicate a new market trend?

Is The Trump Economic Agenda Falling Apart Before It Even Gets Underway?
9 months ago

Great Read! I think that President has the notion that economic recovery is instantaneous, this is untrue. Moreover, the stock market is not necessarily representative of the economy overall, we must look at other factors such as inflation, unemployment, etc.

Considering the appreciation of the #dollar, volatile #oil prices and decrease in the #Gold Spot Market, this activity is signalling a market change. Could be that as we exit the recession, business activity is picking up.

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Christmas Comes Early For BMW And Daimler
9 months ago

$DAI has also increased from 61.85 (11/2016) to 68.72 (02/2017). Here we can see that the growth is more stable.

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Christmas Comes Early For BMW And Daimler
9 months ago

Since this article was published, $BMW has witnessed an increase in stock price from 75.46 (11/2016) to 83.90 (02/2014).

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Have We Reached The Emotional Stage Of Euphoria For Stocks?
9 months ago

The expansion of unbacked credit spurred diverging trends in economic indicators. The slow down in job growth has also been a hindering factor, in addition to oil prices and record high stock indicies. Nonetheless, we can see that the oncoming periods towards the end of the business cycle (hopefully), will result in higher volatility than average, thus increasing risk-reward. Despite this expected volatility, it be better to hold long portfolios till the economy stabilizes.

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Why Does The Stock Market Peak Prior To A Recession?
9 months ago

Good insight! I agree that inflationary policy is more damaging than beneficial. Nonetheless, increasing stock prices and record high indices indicates that blue-chip companies have been becoming more profitable, thus more lucrative to investors. Sustainable growth is the corner stone of any stable economy. In order to achieve sustainable growth the market must operate independent of interest rates and curb credit expansion in order to have a "REAL" economy.

Universal Display Corporation: Shares Shoot Up On Impressive Fourth Quarter Earnings
9 months ago

A current price of $80.24 is the record high for OLED. It is also important to understand that money spent on R&D would boost productivity. This is especially necessary due to the shifting in markets to newer, faster and greener technology. I think that OLED will continue to soar unless and until they have achieved enough market share to stabilize their stock price.

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Trucking Data Improves In January 2017
9 months ago

According to the historical patterns in the ATA chart, it appears that going forward the number of employees will be decreasing. However this cyclical movement is just a reflection of economic prosperity. Since trucking is such a vital behind-the-scenes industry we don't give it much attention. Unfortunately, none of the data represent growth trends, rather a period of contraction which is consistent with the US Economy. The irregular patterns in the data do not provide the market with enough stability.

Great article, Great read!

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