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The Fog Of Markets
Janet Yellen, Chairman of the Federal Reserve, appears uncharacteristically determined to maintain a path of higher interest rates and has recently discussed the possibility of reducing the Fed’s balance sheet.
The Risk Spectrum
The best investment managers obsess not about what they hope to make on an investment but what they fear they could lose. At this juncture, current market dynamics offer a lot of reasons one should be concerned.
EC HH Face Off: Stocks Vs. Bonds And The Economic Outlook
There is a healthy debate between those who work in fixed-income markets and those in the equity markets about who is better at assessing markets.
Clouds On The Horizon: Range Chart Update
It is growing more obvious by the day that the administration lacks the ability to enact much of the economic legislation that generated the surge of optimism reflected in post-election stock indexes.
HH The Deck Is Stacked: Putting Risk And Reward Into Perspective
We are frequently told that valuation analysis is irrelevant because fundamentals do not signal turning points in markets.
Volatility: A Misleading Measure Of Risk
Fixing the world’s economic and financial problems will be arduous and steps taken to date have done nothing to abrogate those issues.Durable solutions require time, discipline, sacrifice and a return to sound fiscal and monetary policy.
EC Play The Game To Win
Weigh the benefits and consequences and do your best to ignore peer pressure, and play the game to win.
Passive Negligence Part II
Passive index funds can play an important role in portfolio management. However, when such passive styles of investing grow in popularity to the point that they are overly influential in setting prices, problems tend to arise.
EC The Forgotten Path To Prosperity
Prosperity is a manufactured condition whereby the economic well-being of a person, community or nation is determined by the millions of choices citizens and government leaders make every day.
EC Echo Chamber
It seems unlikely that this new Congress and President are inclined to make the difficult choices that might ultimately set the U.S. economy back on a path of healthy, self-sustaining growth
EC Villanova Vs. Kansas: Outcome Vs. Process Strategies
Winning a basketball pool has its benefits while the costs, if any, are minimal. Managing wealth, however, can provide great rewards but is fraught with severe consequences.
Second To None: Valuations Compared With Fundamentals
Given the declining trend of GDP and the correlation of earnings to GDP, it is fair to deduce that GDP and earnings growth trends were healthier in the late 1990’s than they are today.
The Sure Thing
Spot VIX, an indicator that conveys confidence or concern about future equity price moves, is near-record lows. This implies tremendous confidence that stock prices will indeed move higher.
Fed Up – A Look Behind The Curtain
Wealth inequality, wage stagnation, massive debt loads, feeble economic growth and weak productivity growth are but a few of the economic and social problems that are the legacy of poor monetary policy.
EC The Lowest Common Denominator: Debt
More debt and less discipline is not the solution to a pre-existing condition characterized by the same. The price tag for failing to acknowledge and address that reality rises exponentially over time.
EC Great Expectations
Many investors believe that the initiatives of the new administration will provide an economic spark. Although confidence is a cheap form of stimulus, reality is that the structural headwinds the economy faces are brisk.
1 to 16 of 71 Posts
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