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Extrapolate At Your Own Risk
As we dig through S&P 500 price forecasts for the year 2017, we discover that a majority of “Wall Street’s top strategists”, are calling for a year-end S&P 500 price in the 2,300-2,450 range.
EC Hoover’s Folly
Ignoring warnings from global trade partners, the Smoot-Hawley act of 1930 placed tariffs on goods imported into the U.S. which resulted in retaliatory tariffs on U.S. exports. It precipitated a trade war. Is another on the horizon?
EC Deception
Does the Federal Reserve, more so than the collective wisdom of millions of market participants, now think that it not only knows where interest rates should be but also what equity valuations are “normal”?
Banks In Drag: The Russell 2000 Exposed
Since Donald Trump won the election, the Russell 2000 (R2K) has been the darling of the market, increasing approximately 15%.
EC Mind Games
The greatest investors, those that make money when markets are rising and avoid the pain when bear markets occur, are a limited bunch.
A Narrative For Every Season
As investors, we must understand the popular narrative and respect it as it is a formidable short- term force driving the market. That said, we also must understand whether there is logic and truth behind the narrative.
EC The Inconvenient Truth Behind Donald Trump’s Victory
While there are many ways to show the deterioration of the U.S. economy and the consequences endured by its citizens, we selected charts we deem to be the most telling.
EC Passive Negligence
The stock market is an essential cornerstone of capitalism, not a game of roulette.
EC HH Earnings Magic Exposed
Since the beginning of the current quarter 76% of the 113 S&P 500 companies that have released earnings results have exceeded expectations. Unfortunately, few investors are paying attention to the measurement tool.
EC Perception Versus Reality
With equity markets near all-time highs, there is a common perception that the market is “running”. As a result, many investors harbor concern of getting left behind.
EC The Flawed Logic Of Inflation
Why do the Federal Reserve and many economists want more inflation?
EC The QE Premium
Over the last eight years investors have adopted a mindset that Fed intervention is good for asset prices, despite clear evidence that it has contributed little to the fundamental rationale for owning such assets.
EC Diversify At Your Own Risk
Buying assets for the sake of diversifying, without regard for valuation, is fraught with risk regardless of how many different securities and asset classes one may hold.
GDP – Even Less Than Meets The Eye
The most common statistic used to measure the size and growth rate of a nation’s economy is Gross Domestic Product (GDP).
EC Bubbles And Elevators
Volumes have been written on behavioral finance and the seemingly “irrational” decisions investors tend to make to avoid straying from the herd.
What, Me Worry? - Addendum
What is the harm in acquiring some cheap insurance to protect against downside risk?
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