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1 hour ago
zerohedge tourspin Maybe he should have lashed out much earlier when more could have been done. System may suck b… https://t.co/S42KR4Bz7M
4 hours ago
Well Done LanceRoberts Technically Speaking: Clarifying Overbought, Extended & Bullish https://t.co/YIwqQVdZcm
7 hours ago
A preview of Something Wicked Comes This Way - Tomorrows article. https://t.co/ioJK3HiL62
8 hours ago
RT Brilliant_Ads: Promotion for Spider-Man 2 https://t.co/ahFF9HWBoU
8 hours ago
pdacosta its value - a shave and a haircut?
20 hours ago
cabaum1 acrossthecurve Great podcast by HardcoreHistory on the war. Five parts, about 20 hours but awesome and i… https://t.co/00nbOqh0ul
22 hours ago
noalpha_allbeta All based on the assumption that wages and profit margins are properly aligned. Corporations have… https://t.co/ADaAqEoVNg
22 hours ago
rr0710 Sad but very true. Reality does not sell in this bubble.
1 day ago
digirah Yep Asymmetry can be a bitch
1 day ago
From Hoisington's latest https://t.co/kqcd5VG0CM