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1 hour ago
SimmonsWaylan Being a perma anything has consequences.
2 hours ago
GarytheBeaver GoldSilver_com You can do it for anytime period. The message in my mind is de-risk as valuations ge… https://t.co/KK1E3usl07
2 hours ago
wcvarones dailydirtnap Ill work on that. Its not quite as easy the S&P 500
3 hours ago
When this market does break you may be waiting a long time to get your money back. Ignoring history, risk levels an… https://t.co/1VONJbUl8U
8 hours ago
RT LanceRoberts: WEEKEND READING: Everyone is passive until the selling begins. A quick look at the issue of "everyone" passively investin…
9 hours ago
Mctaguej They should focus ad sales towards dentists
9 hours ago
Mctaguej WAPO certainly has a smile fetish.. https://t.co/PpaZwQa4YG
22 hours ago
RT GlobalProTrader: My latest article on #Gold today at Sprott Money... https://t.co/QX3LjkyRLV
1 day ago
RT Macronomics1: Random thoughts: Both rising US dollar and Gold may mean we have entered a period where non-yielding assets are preferabl…