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As a strategic investment consultant, 720 Global focuses on enabling our clients, professional investment managers, to raise their quality of service and increase profitability. Our services provide you with expertise in capital markets, macroeconomic research and analysis, asset allocation, ... more


The Fog Of Markets
Janet Yellen, Chairman of the Federal Reserve, appears uncharacteristically determined to maintain a path of higher interest rates and has recently discussed the possibility of reducing the Fed’s balance sheet.
The Risk Spectrum
The best investment managers obsess not about what they hope to make on an investment but what they fear they could lose. At this juncture, current market dynamics offer a lot of reasons one should be concerned.
EC HH Face Off: Stocks Vs. Bonds And The Economic Outlook
There is a healthy debate between those who work in fixed-income markets and those in the equity markets about who is better at assessing markets.
Clouds On The Horizon: Range Chart Update
It is growing more obvious by the day that the administration lacks the ability to enact much of the economic legislation that generated the surge of optimism reflected in post-election stock indexes.
HH The Deck Is Stacked: Putting Risk And Reward Into Perspective
We are frequently told that valuation analysis is irrelevant because fundamentals do not signal turning points in markets.
Volatility: A Misleading Measure Of Risk
Fixing the world’s economic and financial problems will be arduous and steps taken to date have done nothing to abrogate those issues.Durable solutions require time, discipline, sacrifice and a return to sound fiscal and monetary policy.




Michael Lebowitz
DavidBCollum What a jack ass
Michael Lebowitz
TheStalwart Only gave up 3-5pct annual compounding on risk free Treasuries.
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A strategic investment consultant, serving professional investment managers. Our services provide expertise in capital markets, macroeconomic research and analysis, asset allocation, valuation and risk management.

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Merging credit card financing and medical innovation. "Doing well while doing good"

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Absolute Invesment Management is an investment advisor focused on a better approach to money management for individuals. We believe in strategies that encompass a wide range of asset classes and are based on macro/global views.


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