Top Insiders Are Spending Over $1M On These 3 Hot Stocks

Using TipRanks’ popular Daily Insider Transactions tool, we found which stocks best-performing corporate insiders like right now. The tool scans through the activity of almost 40,000 insiders to reveal the insiders with the best success rate and average return. These are the top insiders who consistently outperform the market.

We differentiate between informative and uninformative insider transactions in order to find the most compelling opportunities. Uninformative transactions indicate that an insider is buying/selling shares for reasons that do not necessarily indicate confidence in the company, such as exercising share options. In contrast, informative transactions are deliberately made by insiders, often because they feel the stock is undervalued.

Here we looked at stocks that exhibit strong buy indicators based on informative transactions of top insiders who are company executives, board members or 10 percent shareholders of publicly traded companies. We looked for transactions worth over $1 million, as the more serious the investment the more likely it is to be representative of a bullish insider sentiment.

So now let’s check out the three stocks that are seeing big insider buying from top-ranked insiders right now:

Las Vegas Sands (NYSE: LVS)

Nevada-based LVS is the biggest casino owner in the US. Among its US casinos in the United States are two resorts on the Las Vegas Strip: The Venetian (complete with canals and gondolas) and The Palazzo. However, the company also owns a multitude of other properties both in the US and internationally including restaurants, clubs, and an arts and science museum in Singapore.

The Chairman and CEO behind the brand is self-made multi-billionaire Sheldon Adelson, the biggest and baddest casino owner on the strip. Adelson went from sleeping on the floor of a Bosten tenement to the world’s richest casino owner with an estimated personal wealth of $39 billion. And this sum is only getting higher: he has just signed a new employment contract with LVS that boosts his salary by 400% to an incredible $5 million a year, not counting a potential bonus.

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