Look At This Stock – SVA

Date: Thursday, July 3, 2014 8:00 AM EST

SVA has been on a tear since 2012 and has recently pulled back to work off some of it's overbought condition. While there is a risk of this pulling back further, I think now is a good time to initiate a starter position as this could retest it's highs in the coming months. I like the position of the RSI here and as it gets closer to 40. Typically that is an area after a big run-up it finds support. Keep this on your watchlist.


After a bit of a rough patch in April we're starting to get back on trade inside tradewithZEN. I've been trading very light in May during this recent rally as my long term timing signals turned lower in March, but this melt up we've seen may be changing that. If you'd like to gain access to my private twitter feed with daily updates you can do so athttp://tradewithzen.com. Here are my trading results since inception last June.

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