E Peeva: The Startup Putting An End To Lost Pets

We had the opportunity to interview with Michael Hamilton, CEO and founder of Peeva, the startup behind the first and only universal pet microchip scanner.

Q: Can you start by telling us a bit about yourself and Peeva?

A: In order to understand our company you really have to understand the problem and our solution. When I was a little kid my dog was stolen and we never got him back. I love my dog now, Peeva, and I didn’t want anything like that to ever happen again. I was sad to learn that despite numerous technologies that have been developed, marketed, and sold to pet owners since I was a kid, nothing has worked. In this country, one third of all pets are reported missing in their lifetime, and nearly 80% are never found. They remain stolen, or put in shelters, where millions are killed every year. Microchips will work 100% of time if scanned and properly registered, but scanning for microchips isn’t the standard operating procedure for all vets and shelters. If it was, the missing pet problem could be greatly reduced.

Q: Could you briefly explain for our readers what a microchip does and how it works?

A: When a pet that was implanted with a microchip gets lost and winds up being taken to a shelter, or if it is stolen and taken to a vet, the vet/shelter is supposed to scan it for a microchip. Then, you’re supposed to get a phone call and get your pet back. The problem is that this is simply not happening. No universal scanner can read the full range of microchips encountered by vets and shelters when they receive missing pets, so pets are seldom recovered. Even if a scanner can read a microchip, that microchip code then needs to be searched by multiple registries until a match is found. That registry then needs to be called, and calls are often placed on hold. So it’s much easier for a veterinarian to ignore the issue all together and say ‘we’re in the business of treating pets, not in the business of policing puppies’. Simply put, microchips didn’t work.

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Alexa Graham 3 days ago Member's comment

Interesting. But how will you get the vets to buy your scanner, not to mention to actually scan the pets?

Barry Hochhauser 1 week ago Member's comment

#Peeva sounds like a good idea with a well thoughtout strategy for implementation. When will this product be broadly available?

Nicole Jacobs 1 week ago Member's comment

Great Q&A on Peeva! Looks like it’s scaling the right way! Solves a great problem

Ayelet Wolf 1 week ago Member's comment

I agree. How large is the pet market anyway?

Nicole Jacobs 1 week ago Member's comment

Well it’s a billion dollar industry not slowing down and millions of pets are lost a year and not chipped at all!