HH Economists' Canada Problem


Though Canada’s fortunes are heavily influenced directly by the US economy, the energy sector makes it more explicit that all of it is being driven by global money. The replication of this pattern across so many global systems and economic accounts from within them leaves no other explanation.


Weakness is not a result of recession, so therefore recovery is not a reasonable expectation – just as it hasn’t been for our friends in the North.

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Moon Kil Woong 3 months ago Contributor's comment

Sadly regulation, government bloat renamed stimulus, and monetary socialism directed at the banks and wealthy have not been the friend of anyone besides the privileged and politically entrenched it is meant to support. Sadly, the US seems to be constantly going this way and I'm not hopeful Trump will reverse this. Sadly, the camel that may break even the US' back is protectionism which shuts down the global economy bringing malaise to the globe just like it did in the great Depression.

You'd think we'd learn from others, like Japan, but apparently we don't. And you'd think we'd learn from history, but apparently our leaders prefer to stay blind and make up convenient lies than deal with reality.