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Why AI And Robots Are Triggering The Next Industrial Revolution
Robotics and AI are simply the next phase of a trend that has been developing since the 1700's - that of machines becoming sophisticated enough to replace human labor to complete work tasks faster, cheaper, more safely, and with better quality.
Is Value Investing Really Dying?
In 2017, traditional value investing has suffered some of the most eye-raising attacks in recent memory.
Looking For Retail Diamonds In The Rough
Perusing screened lists of 80 unique stocks, one stark trend jumps out: the sheer number of traditional, "brick-and-mortar" retailers whose stocks now trade at far below-market levels against their trailing 12 month earnings and free cash flows.
A Wide Moat Firm You Have Probably Never Heard Of
Today I want to tell you about a wide moat firm you may never have heard of. One with our "holy duo" of rising, recurring revenues and very strong competitive advantages.
February SOTM: Best Buy Is Back In Blue
Was it really just a few years ago that financial analysts were writing Best Buy's obituary? The bear case seems simple and has held sway since that fateful time in late 2012 when Best Buy shares dipped almost to $10.
December SOTM: CVS Health (CVS)
CVS is a great business with a great record of returning cash to shareholders. The stock right now is at one of its more attractive valuations, historically, and far cheaper than its primary competitors.


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