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Article By: Martin Armstrong
US markets opened weaker but bounced into the close. The talk continues to focus on President Trumps expected proposed reforms with much being discarded even before we know what they are.
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Article By: Tyler Durden
This was the 3rd up-week in a row for The Dow (and 5th up-week in a row for the S&P and Nasdaq).
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Article By: Kathy Lien
For the past two weeks, investors have been scratching their heads over the sharp sell-off in USD/JPY. So why has the U.S. dollar struggled to rally?
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Article By: Jeffrey P. Snider
We have suffered through another systemic rupture, one that criminally wasn’t even admitted as a possibility by authorities until just recently.
Article By: Edward Harrison
The problem with the Trump administration’s talk about lengthening the maturity of debt issuance is that it confuses the future path of interest rates with the steepness of the yield curve.
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Article By: Chad Brand
It is true that e-commerce is here to stay, but people seem to forget that most of the online clothing and accessories shopping is done on store sites that have a physical presence.
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Article By: Marc Chandler
PBOC tweaked its process for determining the yuan reference rate.
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Article By: Bob Lang
Apple is cutting down the competition slowly.
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Article By: Chris Kimble
Could Energy stocks be suggesting the next big move in Crude Oil again? Which direction are they suggesting?
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Article By: Peter McKenzie-Brown
Since the 2008 crash, the S&P 500 has more than tripled. The markets were weakening last November, before the US elections, and Donald Trump’s surprise win gave them some more wind.
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Henrique M. Simões
11 straight up sessions in the DJIA. Markets certainly age but they never really mature.

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