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Article By: Tim Knight
For a change, a look at my short positions related by their industry.
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Article By: Raul Ilargi Meijer
Orwell may not have foreseen the blessings and trappings of social media, but he did foresee how governments and their media sympathizers would react to them: with more disinformation.
Article By: Marc Chandler
The Dollar Index is taking a four-week advancing streak into the week ahead. It is the longest advance since last October.
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Article By: Douglas Gammons
Anytime that short-term yields exceed longer-term yields, it is time to get very cautious regarding stocks. Some people think that the current bull market is in the clear until we get this inversion again.
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Article By: Chris Marcus
What’s possibly always been the most likely pin to prick the bubbles has been a rising interest rate environment. Which is exactly what we’re experiencing right now.
Article By: DailyFX
A week marked by seesaw price action ended with a spirited push higher for the US Dollar. The rally was especially notable in that it occurred without an obvious fundamental catalyst. The week’s top data point of interest was February’s CPI print.
Article By: The Heisenberg Report
Marko Kolanovic has a new note out and it’s great. For the past couple of years, Kolanovic’s research was hijacked by the doomsday crowd as part of its ongoing attempt to justify a bearish lean that has been decisively wrong for a solid decade.
Article By: Tyler Durden
Having bounced out of the "mystery dip-buyer" zone below $8,000, Bitcoin is back below it this afternoon, erasing Friday's spike.
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Article By: Zacks Investment Research
The massive changes that took place in the past year and those that are well underway could actually help the banking industry enter a new golden age. Thus, the prospects for bank stocks look bright.
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Article By: DailyFX
While we remain neutral on Sterling at this current point, GBP may be in for a rocky ride next week with market moving data points including inflation, jobs and wages as well as the latest monetary policy announcement from the Bank of England.


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